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hi ladies

was just wondering what experiences people have had re mirena coil? thanks x

i have been taken off the combi pill as was getting migraines. i have looked up other contraception and it looks as though i would be unable to take most of them due to making periods worse or if have experienced migraines, have tried mini pill but was bleeding inbetween periods. just wanted to know good and bad experiences.

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Hi juicielush,

I am on the mirena coil and after a rocky start it has been ok. When I first got it inserted I had really bad cramping which I was told might happen but it was worse than I thought it would be which was not fun. But after a while it settled down and my body has totally adapted to it. Also my periods are shorter which has definitely been a good thing. Have you spoken to your gp about it? x


Hello juicielush,

I would definitely recommend the coil! I used to be on it mainly because my gp told me it would be really effective, which was really important for me and husband, and I had a pretty smooth ride. Well apart from when it was inserted, that was slightly painful! But I would say that is it different for everyone so bare with it. My best friend had it inserted (after I raved about it) but got it taken out a few months later because she didn’t like the way it affected her mood. x


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