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irregular periods i don't know when i conceived please help!

irregular periods i don't know when i conceived

My periods have been all over the place for example i bled 2nd week in january 2nd week in February then nothing till march the 20th nothing in april and then the 2nd of may bleed. Ime currently 16weeks+4days and have no idear when i actually got pregnant can anyone help??!! EDD 10thFeb

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Hi there

I would suggest booking an appointment with your GP or midwife so that they can go through your dates with you and help answer any questions you may have.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes





Did you have a 12 week scan? That is the dating scan so should determine exactly how many weeks preganant you are eg if you are 16 weeks pregnant, conception would have been roughly 14 weeks ago.


Yes, doctors can usually tell how far along you are from looking at the baby. they're pretty accurate to delivery date xx


If you use your EDD and count back roughly 40 weeks it would be the 6th may, that's how I worked mine out and it was correct


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