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How do i treat stomach, brain & other problems?


Since several years i thought of losing weight but it kept going up along with other health issues, i had sensation few years ago in left brain & now it has intensified with stomach gas creating lots of anxiety, stomach cycles are difficult to manage since years & am constipated.

this cramped stomach severely & after stopping it reduced but symptoms increased, then i took aspirin & it increased other problems like pain in right foot,

left brain comes under pressure untill poop & then anxiety kkicks in before & after poop and in the evening, earlier i felt lie puting something through stomach & forehead to ease the space type feeling probably gas & try to push things out, basic hygiene is difficult, few years ago while in sitting position in college, everything stopped & eyes remained opened for long which teacher noticed, had panic attack ones, food causes lots of trouble & its a viscious cycle among others coupled with obesity, i dont feel exercise the way i used to before & exercise has no refreshing effect, cant lift weight much, stomach also causes trouble to eyesight & eye skin below sometimes, too many symptoms, i take something for digestion which works but with several issues . low blood flow, weakened muscles, on & off, foot swelling sometimes from stomach cycles, urine burning from few food items reduced thought now, there are bulges in veins of legs. sometimes stomach hurts the right side of heart too & sometimes i have sensations and minor pain in shoulders, hands, above heart on the chests skin. with some activity i can maintain eyes focus while others it loses. i lost 50 kgs in 3 months, last month without food & again gained it back over the years. standing & doing reading or work is better but is troublesome now. losing weight was tough back then i managed it but now there are many more complexities.

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You need to speak to your GP.Good Luck

It might be a good idea to make an appointment with a doctor for a complete physical examination and blood tests. Good luck