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Waited 4 years to see s gastrointestinal doctor only to tell him I have cured myself !


I started to have bowel and digestive issues in 2014 with most GP visits ending with IBS diagnosis and a few Colonoscopy appointments leading nowhere. Even though I explaind all my symptoms to many GPs none could come up cause of my symptoms. True, I had bloating and Constipation and lots of wind all hallmarks of IBS, but I knew I was not digesting my food properly which was not classic IBS. I asked some doctors if I could be referred to a gastrointestinal appointment but none did ? Anyway to cut a long story short, by chance, I was reading the health column of a popular magazine about a woman with similar symptoms to myself who used digestive enzymes to cure her condition so tried them out and got complete relief after taking 3 tablets in the middle of a meal, and continue to do so. My constipation is much better and I am putting on badly needed weight at last ! The only problem now was to get the enzymes on prescription as they are expensive privately and weeker in strength than prescription ones. So went back to my doc and asked him to prescribe them to me. Guess what, he said he couldn't because only a gastrointestinal doctor could prescribe them ? So finally after trying for 4 years to see a specialist Gastroenterologist I get an appointment after curing the condition ? I told my GP the irony of my situation and to be fair to him he said it was disgraceful.

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So pleased you managed to get relief at long last!May i ask the name of the enzymes you are taking ? (im in the UK)