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Is it safe to start gentle abdominal exercises? I need to shift the weight around my middle. I weighed myself this morning and for my new short height at 5ft (down fron 5.4) I’m 8.4lbs/53kg which I’m finding too heavy for my back. I’ve not been on my daily walks for about 2 weeks due to various situations and am finally back to my low dosage of 3mg prednisolone. My ideal pain free weight is about 7.9 /50kg.

Any suggestions or advice would be great.

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I would find myself a good physiotherapist who is experienced in working with people with osteoporosis and who you feel you could work with - even if you have to pay for a couple of sessions it will be worth it - they should give you a programme of exercises that will be safe for you to do.

I do three hour long Pilates sessions every week and we have a lady there who has lost a lot of height so it is possible to do that even with osteoporosis but our teacher is a qualified physiotherapist with a strong interest in osteoporosis.

Our wonderful teacher always reminds us before every session that if an exercise hurts then even if it is something we have done lots of times before and even if it’s something she is telling us to do then don’t do it!

Know exactly what you mean about the weight gain - I’ve put on a couple of kg over the past few months and it really does make a difference.

Thanks for the advice, in fact I have an old program from the NHS physios which I will dig up. They were to help me get back on my feet again to build strength after my surgery (not back related) and may have some abs advice on them. I’m still forgetful now and then! I’m interested in Pilates too so I’m going to look into that as well.

Before my transplant I was very much into my fitness and gym so it’s been frustrating not being able to return to that level of fitness which is why I walk every day except the last couple of weeks. That extra half a stone makes a huge difference to my back and carrying that weight all around the middle!

That’s light so I don’t really understand. Weight is needed for your bones. With a sister and sister in law who look like skeletons I’d really reconsider any weight loss. They are both elderly and told not to go under 50 kgs but they were unable to hold onto any weight at all. It’s better to be a bit overweight than underweight. I’d see your doctor before proceeding with any weight loss. One sickness can take your weight down so a little in reserve is a good thing in my opinion. Being underweight with osteoporosis is not good.

I totally agree and understand about weight, bones etc. I had a liver transplant in 2020 due to Sarcodosis. Totally out of the blue with no symptoms. My fitness levels were excellent for my age but covid came along and all transplants were put on hold. I deteriorated to the point of loosing my height from 5.4 down to 4.6ft developed Kyphosis, became severely malnourished and suffered severe muscle wastage that took me down to under 6 stone (about 37kg from memory) this also brought on early osteoporosis with multiple fractures - spine from T10 to L3. I was so skeletal with hair loss I looked 120 years old. I’ll always remember being picked up from the hospital and the nurses telling me my daughters had arrived. Those ‘daughters’ were my sister in law and best friends who are the same age as me!

Anyway, I never give up. Trying to put on weight look a very long time, which is just as soul destroying as trying to loose weight. It took almost 2 years to get to my ideal weight with my new little height. The recent weight gain around the middle is prob due to no walking, lifting etc due to surgery on both eyes recently. I was averaging 15,000 steps a day from sheer determination of which I’m now starting again after yesterdays ok from my eye surgeon. My arms and legs have muscle mass now, I just need to get rid of the middle bit that gives me the back ache and return to the weight around 7.9/10 which was perfect for me by toning up. I never want to return to being skeletal again 😀

Hello Flowergirl24

I understand just where you are coming from - yes we need weight for bone strength and wellbeing but the fine balance is very hard to get at times.

I've been able to find help from a very good NHS physio specialized in spinal - hope you are able to find someone to help you. In the interim there are programmes of exercises on the ROS website perhaps you could find something at your level that you could do even if you only did them on days you couldn't go for a walk?

Good luck

Posy White

Hi! I would phone the Osteoporosis Society and ask them. They are all for doing a little exercise but it needs to be special for the breaks you have. If you go ahead on your own you are risking further breaks. If you’ve lost four inches it’s got to go somewhere. I’ve got the same problem. I was just over 5’ 2” I am now 4’11”. I’ve completely lost my waist now and can’t wear the clothes I did. I can still look nice in tops that go over my hips. I wouldn’t worry about a tummy. We’ve all got them that have lost height. It’s really not important. Being able to walk about is more important.

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Flowergirl24 in reply to Mavary

Thanks for your reply. I remember now looking at their website and they do have gentle exercises. I can’t wear the same clothes any more which I really miss! And like you, I’ve found tops to go over my tummy. No more skinny jeans & boots but flare or wide legs now 😀 I know that extra 4/5 lbs makes a big difference to carry that weight whilst walking. I have an old pair of shorts that I use for measuring the waist. If not loose then I’m going the wrong way. When I came out of hospital after my op, I was so thin that both my legs could fit into one leg!

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Mavary in reply to Flowergirl24

To be honest I wouldn’t worry about your shape. You are not going to change it now. I’ve learned to live with mine. My back is now rounded my tummy is rounded but I’m sure nobody is going to say eeegh! Look at her. As long as you’ve got a nice personality and you are friendly that’s what people judge you on. After seven fractures I can’t expect to look like I used to. I wear trousers and loose tops and I think I look quite nice. If somebody doesn’t think so then tough. After four years I’ve got used to my shape. You look after you and don’t worry about what you think is flaws. Xx

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