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I see that several people have posted asking for information regarding exercise classes or training to help with osteoporosis. Are there any recent developments on this? There seems to be very little opportunity for this which is perhaps surprising. Any ideas?

I have tried pilates only once but was not convinced that the physio giving the training was that clued up about osteoporosis despite being a physiotherapist. I have spinal osteoporosis and am not taking meds, decided not to take AA as suffer with acid reflux. No alternatives have been offered but would prefer anyway to try and improve by diet and exercise.

17 Replies
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BellaP, I too am interested in alternatives to the bisphosphonates for osteoporosis. I tried Pilates but my shoulders hurt too much so had to give it up,

Misty x

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Yes, I am still pursuing this. But as usual, the physio who was so keen to start up classes in London has moved on, and I have to start all over again. However, there was enough interest that I am determined to get classes started in at least one area, and then others can hopefully copy. Look on my website aftercancers.com for up-to-date info.

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This is reasonably off the wall but a place that I go to near Old St., London is asking for ideas for classes during the day (they're very busy at night and looking to make use of the studios during the day). My concerns are about the accessibility of the venue but they have some very motivated instructors who probably would be interested in mounting classes for people with osteoporosis if it were feasible.

My concern is that people going to the venue would need to go downstairs to the basement where the studios are so would need to be confident on stairs - there's no lift.

How many people would need an accessible venue?

veriterc - is there a reasonable amount of interest in such specialist classes?

Nonetheless, I could put a suggestion in?

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I too have spinal osteoporosis, identified 10 years ago after breaking my ankle walking on black ice. I have not had any more breaks but have had pulled ligaments. Ive been going to Pilates for 12 years, can be a little apprehensive as the teacher refuses to adapt exercises to accommodate my condition as she thinks they are all valuable but hopefully as I'm doing them so long and no side effects it'll be okay. I also dance (barn dance, ceile and old time), walk, aqua aerobics and weight training. I down loaded lots of exercises for osteoporosis for the gym and brought them to a sympathetic trainer plus info on exercises which are contradicted. Both the English, American and the Australian ( i think) National Osteoporosis Societies have really good guidelines for different degrees of osteoporosis. I do not take drugs either. I've started making and drinking kefir daily for the last 8 moths from full fat goats milk as I don't tolerate cows milk. Last week when getting a manicure I was told my nails were strong and believe me that's unusual for me. I thank the kefir for that. I seem to be doing something right. At 62 years old I hope it continues.

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Lilact in reply to Jessie1234

I also drink kefir once a day

How much do you drink,? Please let me know how you make it I would luv to use organic milk

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Kaarina in reply to Lilact

Hi Lilact

If you type "kefir" in the search box there are two past postings on kefir and I am sure one posting mentioned how to make it.

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Debbietilbee in reply to Jessie1234

Hi Jessie1234, have you had anymore dexa scans since your original diagnosis and has your bone density improved with just doet and exercise? This is the route I've decided to follow but am still feeling nervous. X

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Jessie1234 in reply to Debbietilbee

Hi Debbietilbee. Funny you should ask! I decided I should ask to get it tested to satisfy me and the personal trainer helping me. I talked to a doctor in my practice explaining its 10 years since I'd broken my ankle, which was not a fragility fall, and detailed all the exercise I do plus stated i did not take the biphosonates. She checked my records to verify medical history and told me that I was doing all the right things. She warned me that if I go for a dexa scan and my scores are down then she would be obliged to hand me a prescription for the drugs. It was a no brainer and exactly why I'd avoided going for a scan in the intervening years. I believe more in the medical profession are thankfully taking this route now. I do worry that in my 70's plus that I may have problems but by then I will be happy to take medication. I hope this is if some help. 10 years ago I faced the same decision when there was little information or advice and it preyed on my mind for years! Ultimately only you can make the decision.

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Lilact in reply to Debbietilbee

Hi everyone please read about how good prunes are at increasing bone density

I have decided against aa and improve by diet and exercise

I do pillates and upga 4 times a week and also walk rest of the days

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I drink a small glass of kefir about six days per week. That's the way The Europeans do it, too much of a good thing is bad for you, as the saying goes. Soak a good tablespoon of kefir grains in 250 ml full fat milk for 12-24 hours according to preference. Sit in a warm spot in your kitchen out of direct sunlight and cover with a muslin type cloth. Strain though a plastic sieve using a plastic spoon to help. Drink the sieved milk and resoak the grains in milk again. I use the £1 kilner glass jars from Asda as when I'm going away I seal the newly covered grains in the jar and leave in the fridge 7-10 days. Organic milk is great.

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Lilact in reply to Jessie1234

Are kefir grains on internet ok??

How do I know they're good quality ??

I buy kefir in supermarket but its not organic

Would like to make my own

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Perhaps worth looking into some gentle Qi Gong? Many of the sequences are done standing up.

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Hi Lilact

I'm sorry for not answering sooner but only I happened to search this post and seen your query I wouldn't have known. I bought my grains originally from Happy Kombucha on Amazon.co.UK. They are freeze dried and take about 3 weeks to settle. They give good instructions too. I think I'm using them nearly a year and am happy with them. They now grow so rapidly that I'm consonantally giving the extra away or into my compost bin. I keep Twp jars on the go and ferment 24 hours. I also keep my gut healthy by eating prebiotic foods... Bananas, natural yougurt, onions, garlic and there's more. I'm trying to form the habit of eating 2 prunes with each meal. See Dr Susan Browns blog on Better Bones on the latest research on prunes. Mind you its supposed to be part of a non acidic diet which I know I need to nail down!

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Thanks for your reply I did order some grains but not working very well also us there a strong smell in kefir I make so cant stomach it

Does yours??

I will order freeze dried abd try

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Jessie1234 in reply to Lilact

Yes there is a smell and it really takes a good 3 weeks for the grains to settle left out , covered with a muslin type cloth, in a warm spot. I confess that for a few months I poured it over berries and then put purée raspberries ( with a little sugar) over that again. I eventually got used to the taste and also realised I needed to drink a small glass daily.

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I've just bought myself an ironwear weight vest, especially made for women. Its proven to help gain bone density especially in those who are fine boned. Not advised for those who are overly heavy. You start off with light weights and gradually build up. Wear when walking, doing housework, exercising etc for an or two daily.

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Jule777 in reply to Jessie1234

Hi I am getting mine tomorrow

But it's a belt not a vest. I think I read that someone hula hoops as well.

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