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Osteoarthritis knee

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Does any one find that the hot weather makes your knee pain flare up.? Mine is really bad at the moment ime finding it really hard to walk all ime doing is icing it and trying to move about a bit and taking paracetamol and using flexiseq to rub on.what a nightmare this is had injection but only worked for 9 days anyone got any suggestions much appreciated thank you

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Sounds like you are doing all the right things Dextersam. I’ve got inflammatory arthritis rather than osteoarthritis but I know I’m far more creaky in this heat than I am in ‘normal’ weather. I would stick with the icing - have you tried Bio Freeze Cool roll on? That might help,

I’d keep drinking as much water as you can to stay well hydrated. I’ve got an elasticated knee sleeve - it’s like a stretchy knitted tube - that I used the other day when my knee was a bit dodgy, if you’ve not tried that it might be worth giving it a go.

Dextersam10 investigate boron for your osteoarthritis knee. Dr Jorge Flechas MD has a youtube video about boron worth watching. Always consult with your health care provider before using any supplement.




Yes,mine’s flared up again,never thought it may be from heat,good point.Shall break out the ice pax ,ibuleve & knee support.Need to keep gently mobile as worse when stiffens up.Hope improves for you.X

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