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Best calcium supplement which will not give gastrointestinal problems please?

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Hi, I was recently prescribed calcium carbonate after a slightly low bone densitometry test. But this supplement gave me quite severe stomach cramps and bloating. What is the best calcium supplement which will not, or is less likely to, induce gastrointestinal problems please?

I have now been prescribed calcium gluconate but have not taken any yet as there is saccharin in the ingredients and I know that artificial sweeteners upset my stomach.

Really appreciate any advice.

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Calcium citrate is supposed to be better tolerated than calcium carbonate. However, NICE advice (UK) is that the majority of us with osteoporosis shouldn't be prescribed calcium but instead get it from diet. Here's a calcium calculator that will give a fairly accurate idea of whether you're getting enough: Unless you have other health reasons why you need to take calcium (for example, coeliac disease which may reduce your absorbency), you can ask your GP to prescribe Vitamin D without the calcium.

Hi, I take the Alive chewy fruit gels (or gummies as I think they're called now) because I can't tolerate most other calcium supplements. Sea calcium in tablet form is supposed to be one of the best forms of calcium, too. I use the ROS calcium intake calculator and top up my diet with one or two low dose tablets depending on how much calcium I've had in a day.

A friend's sister in law was recently diagnosed with blocked arteries in her leg and it was linked with the high dose calcium supplement she had been prescribed by the GP. The NHS usually prescribe the cheapest calcium supplements which are too high a dose. Fortunately I cannot tolerate these and did my own research.

Best of luck.

Hi,I just have 2 Adcal a day & they don’t bother my sensitive guts,hope you find something that suits you.X

Hi. There's never been a double blind study to show that Calcium helps with Osteoporosis. Someone just thought, "bone has calcium so it must be a good thing" and so it became a habit to prescribe it. Just because we take supplements, it doesn't mean they end up where we want them to go. My calcium supplements collected into little lumps under my skin, and who knows where else? This is what made me research calcium. I thought it weird that in my nutrition studies we were always warned off of calcium supplements.

Best advice is that given by Met00......look up the calcium content in foods etc and make sure you have food to add up what you need. It's easier to do than it sounds. // I looked up the important nutrients for healthy bones. Made separate lists for each one, of the foods I like that contain them, and how much. Takes a while but worth the time. I found that I didn't have to change much in my diet...and only refer to my lists now and again.

You could always make your own calcium supplement which is more likely to be safe. Boil organic egg shells, crush into powder when cooled and dry. Sprinkle when and where you could disguise it in your food.

Top tip...sesame seeds are easy to have and have lots of calcium. You can sprinkle them on lots of things. xx

I use a plant based calcium called Bone Strength. I have never had any issues with it. I take it with my dinner.

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