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Strontium second attempt

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Tried one brand of Strontium and that gave me really bad stomach ache for 3 days

so I stopped it and have just tried again with a different brand, I ended up splitting the capsules into tiny amounts to try and build it up gradually. I have slept only 2 x hours for 2 x nights. Does anyone else know about Strontium causing insomnia?

Also, I had a non stop headache for 3 x days, and I noticed a small amount of stomach upset in the upper stomach after taking the Strontium (even with half a biscuit).

Does anyone know if its the citrate part of the Strontium that can cause side effects and I have read about Strontium Carbonate. Any information on that would be appreciated.

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I am also trying strontium citrate for the 2nd time. Had to give up the 1st time around because I kept having issue with my gut, but as I seem to be having problems with my gut a lot of the time now I thought I would try it again. I had to stop taking silica (which is one of the ingredients in Strontium Citrate) because it upset my gut, but I have just finished off the course and I took silica between meals with a very large glass of water and I am hoping I can do likewise with Strontium

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I hope you are managing to take the Strontium second time around. I had to give up.I am now upping calcium and calcium foods again and looking at Evista, but not very mobile

suffer a lot of migraines and have peripheral neuropathy so a bit worried about clots, but what can you do? As far as I can see, there are no good drugs to try.

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You can only do your best cmoc. I finished a course of Silica, for my nails, and they are still as bad as they were. I have had face-2-face and phone consultations with doctor about my nails but basically been told there is nothing that they ca do. I am not putting too much hope on my getting any success with Strontium Citrate as both these supplements upset my gut so really taking them is counter-productive. I never used to be so negative. 😟. Hoping that upping your calcium helps - but just don't take over the max dose. Good luck.

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