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Injured lower spine + chiropractics?

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Hi, recently I fell on my backside and injured my back. There was a crack sound at the lower back. I have steroid-induced osteoporosis which caused the L3 and L4 to collapse earlier in the year. Walking has been slightly achey and so is bending/getting up. Getting up from the bed is arduous.

Would like to ask you all how I should go about recovery? My taichi master helped massage and crack my spine and I felt better instantly, but not for long. Does anyone use massage/chiropractics?

15 Replies
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I used to use an osteopath but in 2003 i fell and lost use of my arms for a while, doc wouldnt even o xray, i saw osteopath he said omg you have fractured your back, they wont crack my muscles anymore as sounded like osteoporosis. Doc said no. Few years later in 2009 i blacked out top of stairs carrying my hot choccy as i wasnt feeling well, woke up bottom of stairs twisted head, back facing stairs with legs going up x i got up and walked ipstairs to bed, next few days i was in agony, asked hubby to take me to a & e they sent me home. Went next day i was almost colapsed on floor. They made me wait hours. I was crying badly, a guy came to me and put me on a trolley. He had seen me collapsed on floor, he talked to me gently i explained, he put a collar tound my neck and found abed x next day i had mri scan i had fractures c5 in neck and t7 in my back but said really bad old fracture in back so i said yes i remember doing that also he said you have osteoporosis i said i thought i had x after few days i was allowed home, saw doc i showed him report but they didnt saw osteoporosis on it, so still no help x i pleaded with him but no, one day he gave in, i had dexi scan he really wanted to help all of a sudden x

I dont bellieve you should be cracked x

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ellejay46 in reply to Frankie1952

Oh no what an experience..hope you are good now. Thanks for your reply and advice! ☺️

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I've been led to believe any kind of manipulation (osteopath, chiropractic etc) should be avoided with osteoporosis.

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ellejay46 in reply to Met00

Thanks for your reply 😊

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Completely agree with the others. The therapies you can consider include physio exercises to strengthen your core and muscles which support the spine and, if you have tension or spasms in any of your muscles (can have them and not know, I did) there are techniques which can release the spasms. No harsh or vigorous or sudden movements of the spine.

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ellejay46 in reply to HeronNS

Thanks for your advice! :)

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I agree with what the others have said. I don't know much about osteoporosis as pretty new to it but from what I've read the important thing is to do spine protective exercises and develop good core and muscle strength. Chiropractor will not do this and jerky movements could be detrimental.

I am more pain free since following specific exercises for osteoporosis. You can find some on the Canadian Osteoprosis society website.

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ellejay46 in reply to Nanaedake

Thanks for your reply :)

Thanks everyone for your advice. I was wondering about the chiropractor, being reminded I have my annual appointment soon. I was thinking I don't want my bones cracked or manipulated having being diagnosed with osteoporosis and scoliosis in my lower back earlier this year. I will stick with my physio exercises and the gym plus gentle exercise to music class. Plus all my other exercise routines as long as I am able.


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💪🏻 May I ask what are some physio exercises u would recommend? :)

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Exercises: on hands and knees the cat, superman, child's pose, side to side with hips. Standing stretching as if climbing a ladder, slowly bending from the hips with hands on thighs to hip level. These are specifically for me to do ellejay. You can look on you tube for exercises that are suitable for you to do and NHS are very good too. 😉

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Ahh thank you so much droodle! 😁

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Can I suggest you look up and see if you have a McTimoney Chiropractic Clinic near you. For me this has been a life line, the gentle approach results in reducing the pain and means I can walk ( mainly with crutches) but I have much greater mobility and now just have 1-2 monthly top-ups.


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ellejay46 in reply to Posy-White

Thanks for your reply! I doubt I’d have one because I don’t live in the UK, sadly 😅

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If you can find a really good physical therapist trained in your situation you might be able to work out a safe exercise routine to strengthen core, safe stretches to ease pain, etc. but you really need someone familiar with osteoporosis and fractures!

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