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Finally home after almost 4 Months!

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I don’t know if any of you remember I broke my hip back in January. It’s been a long old road -15 weeks 3 days and 5 operations later I’m finally back home. You see I got a nasty infection in my hip wound while In hospital so I had to go back to theatre 4 more times to be opened up ,washed out and closed up again also I was on 9 weeks of antibiotics going into my arm through a pick line they made me quite grotty.!

But the good news is I finally got home on Friday. I’m hobbling on a gutter frame and got a wheelchair. I feel a bit like a fish out of water after being in hospital so long kind of get a Bit institutionalised but each day is getting a bit easier xxx

11 Replies
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Wow, veganista, you have been on some journey! Poor you. Welcome home and it is so good of you to bring us up to date with what has been going on for you. You are a hero! So many operations and such a long time spent in hospital. I can understand that it must be really strange to be home and pleased to hear each day is getting a little easier for you. Look after yourself and I look forward to hearing positive news from you as time goes on. I hope the sun is shining for you as it is for me today. Makes all the difference to look out and see a bright day. :) Gentle hugs to you. :)

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veganista in reply to Kaarina

Thankyou Kaarina for such a lovely encouraging reply. Unfortunately I am unable to get outside in my front or back garden but I’m enjoying sitting here at the back door seeing the sunshine and feeling the fresh air after so long being cooped up indoors. It’s these small things that bring a lot of joy XX

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Kaarina in reply to veganista

Little steps, veganista. :) You will get outside into your garden. For now it must be wonderful for you to be able to sit at your own back door and look around you. You are so right, about such ordinary little things that are usually taken for granted, can mean such a lot in certain circumstances. Enjoy your day. Do keep in touch. :) x

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So sorry to hear you've had such a terrible time, veganista. I can understand it feeling strange to be home, but I'm sure you're relieved that you've finally made it. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a fracture-free future!

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veganista in reply to Met00

Thankyou Met00 for your lovely and kind reply. Yes I’m very relieved I’ve finally made it , there was so many times that I doubted if I ever would but once again like so many other times in my life someone was watching over me and also my surgeon was amazing. My surgeon says I also need my other hip replacing but I think I’m going to give myself a good years rest I’ve had enough operations for now xx

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Wow. You're a fighter! Makes me realise, enjoy each day!

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All the best for your recovery at home. Now the weather has turned your spirits will be lifted, you’ve been through a lot, you must be a very strong person.

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Well done, wishing you a very fast recovery now. Take it easy when you need to. X

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Goodness me! You have certainly been through a tough time. Hope everything is on the up now. Best wishes for a speedy recovery at home. It must have felt weird to be out of hospital. I remember when I came out after breaking my hip and it felt very strange. And that was only after a few days ! At least we have some nice sunny weather to enjoy.

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What an awful ordeal for you but the good news is you are back home. Wishing you a full recovery to optimum health from me in Sydney Australia.

Jan Gilmore

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Great news that you're home!

I'm sure you'll be feeling back to your usual self in no time. If you can cope with all you've been through, you must be a fighter!

Good luck, Fran X

P.S. I am off for my parathyroid scans and laryngoscopy this week, to see how many glands are affected, before my operation in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it goes... it should start to improve my bone density.

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