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I’ve now seen an OP consultant privately- he has been practising and lecturing etc for over 30 years and was once Chairman of the NOS. I hoped he would be able to help with details of diet and exercise specifics (kefir, Boron, etc) that would make a difference but he said my T readings are so bad they won’t change. Obviously he advocates healthy eating and exercise but they won’t impact on the readings. It’s been quite a shock and very depressing to think there’s nothing other than courses of drugs to take, none of which are ideal. After another DXA scan next week and blood tests I’m going back for the follow-up/review.

I’m hoping there will be something positive somewhere!

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Thank you for the update. Sometimes it would appear that medication is the best option. I expect if you went to see another OP consultant privately it would be the same answer too. We do not always like what we hear, do we? Then it is back to the same old dilemma, what OP drug to take with the limited choice available.

Think positive. :) I hope you will let us know how it continues for you. :)

Timothy0172 in reply to Kaarina

I will Kaarina. I definitely need to find out more about all the drug options now before I go back for the follow up. Thanks again! Have a good day. X

Sorry to hear that the OP consultant advised that you should start taking medication. I can understand how you feel as I take Fosamax, albeit very reluctantantly.

Best of luck with your next scan and tests and the follow up/review appointment. Do let us know how you get on please.

That’s so kind of you. I certainly will post an update!

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