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Can osteoporosis be reversed by natural methods ?


I've been looking into the literature by Vivian Goldschmidt on the Save Natural Training Institute/Save our Bones program.

This says that osteoporosis can be reversed by diet & exercise.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a year ago having been told that , at 65 plus, I should be checked. Have to say was a bit upset and wished I hadn't had the screening. No breaks or health issues.

I'm following the Save advice, dont want to take meds for this.

But does this regime work ? I should like to think do, but is there evidence to support it ?

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I too would like to think it does because that’s what I’m doing. Too early for me to tell though. What were your DEXA scan scores?

Cant recall, but were into the osteoporosis range

I won’t take the drugs for osteoporosis because I believe them to be counterproductive and evidence has shown that to be the case especially if you take beyond short term. Vitamin K2 aims the calcium onto the bones and out of the arteries. A good diet of a range of fruit and vegetables is also important. Walk if able plus light weights. I don’t bother with the DEXA scans any more as what’s the point!

Jumpey in reply to Kathleen22

Hi whatvweights do you use? X

HeronNS put some very good information on her experience which said it can be done, if you do the work. You could check it out. Probably a year old now

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So sorry. I have failed to find HeronNS. I can only find people thanking her. Maybe she has left the bone health forum. My apologies

springcross in reply to walk21

Hi walk21. HeronNS is still there if you go into Members at the top of the page and type in HeronNS, her posts come up and the last one was quite recent - that's if you're talking about the Canadian poster. She also posts on the PMRGCAuk forum.

Walk21, thanks for your reply. I'd be interested to read that information. I've searched for HeronNS under group members but cant find. Can you still see it ? Be grateful for a link

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Springcross has made helpful coments above!

I have been reversing my OP with diet and exercise.

Please refer to my previous post for details.

The most important factor, for me, was the progressive resistance exercises with weights, as advised by my physio.

Unfortunately, my gym had a long closure this year, due to lockdown, and another one starting, so that is a problem if you don’t have a home gym.

Good luck!

Sure, often reversing osteoporosis is merely a dietary issue. How often? Well, that's the question. (Knowing your circumstances would be helpful.)

I believe it's much less likely in instances of post-menopausal females, and males with 'secondary' osteoporosis.

I suggest protective measures:

-good diet (unless you're in a medical facility and can't get sunlight exposure, vitamin D may not be needed; aim for a total daily calcium intake of 700-900 mg/day --outside that, too much or too little each have hazards)

-reduce home hazards (improve lighting, remove rugs and other floor obstacles)

-exercise: there are several simple routines that work at improving your balance/agility (fall reduction protects your hips through being able to 'save yourself' if you start to go off balance); do Sinaki's "back extension" routine once or twice a week (a study proven method that strengthens our back vertebrae in a protective enough fashion to reduce the incidence of vertebrae fractures)

-and of course, always be conscious of your spine's "S" curve (when we bend, we're putting stress on only a portion of our vertebrae edges greatly magnifying the load bearing stress (of our bodies, whatever we're carrying or doing) -- the classic "bend with the knees, not with the back" applies here. Strengthening the thigh muscles (through 'squats') greatly helps make this easier.

I've had great success in boosting my BMD (DEXA re-test result) through the kitchen spice 'thyme' (1/2 tsp on each of three meals daily -- it helps us metabolize the calcium we do ingest) and only a modest calcium intake, but increased BMD through a food supplement is no guarantee of reduced likelihood of fractures (still, I'm confident it probably will help me).

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