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Right Portal Vein Cancer


Would like to get more info on how my cancer can be treated, and if anyone ever got on transplant list with PV cancer.

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Hello! Welcome to our list. By PV cancer I'm assuming you mean portal vein involvement with hepatocellular carcinoma? I'm guessing so since you found your way to us here. I am not a doctor. My husband had HCC with portal vein involvement back in 2003. Of course, we were very hopeful that we could find a transplant option but we were unable to do so and we went to many of the major cancer centers (Sloan Kettering, UPMC, MD Anderson, Georgetown). Probably much has changed since that time. I did find this article here: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... that talks about treatment options for people with portal vein involvement and it mentions liver resection as an option in certain cases. These types of articles are very difficult to read and understand but maybe it can be helpful in exploring options with doctors. I wish you the very best! Do be persistent. It will be important to find people who treat this specifically.

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