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Labile Blood Pressure

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Does anyone have advice/ experience of treating huge variations in blood pressure otherwise knows as labile blood pressure?

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I’d say firstly, go to the website of Blood Pressure Uk and see what’s there that might be of use to you.When I was approaching the menopause my blood pressure was 90 over something or other then 140 over something, all in 24 hours. Nurse told me to be careful with my diet (less salt, mainly) and to lose a few pounds, come back in a month. It was then normal. I went back every three months for a check - this was before home BP machines were commonplace. BP was up and down and after a year or so I went onto BP medication. At age 60 the medication was tweaked a bit and I’ve been on the same for the last 15 years, with BP around the 120\80 mark.

When taking my pressure at home I sit for ten minutes quietly, breathe slowly and start the machine keeping my eyes closed until it finishes. I take at roughly the same time each day, once a month. If a reading is a bit high I take three more and then take the average of the last three, which is ALWAYS lower when I concentrate on the breath etc.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you . That is helpful. There seems no specific treatment for this condition.

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