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Irratic blood pressure

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Hi there

I am new to the chat. I am still having irratic blood pressure readings after being on high doses of Valsartan. My blood pressure will be stable for a while and then shoot back up again. When it is stable I take half f if the dose. I wonder if that is the problem. Please advise

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You’re not recommended to alter anything about blood pressure medication without reference to your doctor. But a thought. You say your pressure is erratic. I’m assuming you take your pressures at home, so may I suggest this:

Keeping your dosage exactly the same:

Take the pressure at same time each day on the same arm.

Sit quietly for ten minutes with the cuff on, close your eyes, then three slow (not deep) breaths before you inflate. No talking. Take the pressure four times, throwing the first one away, and write down the average of the three left. Do this for, say, five days, then present the result to your medical advisor if they are still fluctuating. They may suggest a 24 hour monitor.

Also, have a read of the website Blood Pressure UK.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for responding. I will do as you have suggested and report back in a week’s time.

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Tammo1 in reply to Happyrosie

Good and sound advice - wild fluctuations are not good, and tinkering with the medicine dosage is not wise.

Hi TheUntouchables46. You really shouldn't be altering the dose of the medication and that could well be the cause of your erratic BP. I agree with everything that Happyrosie has said so give it a go and let us know how you get on. All the best.

Thank you spring cross. I will definitely let you know how I get on.

Hi yes this is interesting as I seem to be in your position, BP that fluctuates, so will follow the advice given to you too.

Hello everyone, Thank you Happyrosie and everyone for your suggestion relating to my irratic blood pressure . Your advice really work especially the four readings discarding the first . My GP has arranged for me to have the 24 hour ambulatory monitoring as another problem has raised its head and I wondered whether any one has had this problem. Within a week I had two Chinese take away meals and reacted very badly, with blood pressure of 176/83 pulse 112 and feeling ver ill. I called the emergency services but they did not dwell on the meal I had. An assessment was done to check that I did not have a heart attack or stroke. I strongly feel that the meal had something to do with it. Your thoughts please

I have atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure and I have experienced this with Chinese food. My AF is triggered by certain foods so I am sure something in the meal could have triggered the fast heart rate and high BP

Hi, yes I have problems with high blood pressure when I eat certain foods. I'm on a low tyramine diet which seems to help. No marmite, gravy, citrus fruit, banana's, cheese or avocado. Also stop caffeine drinks. My blood pressure reached 213/102 suddenly, since starting this diet it has been much more stable.

Hope this helps

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