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pro BnP of 1500 and medication question - help!

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Hello! New here on behalf of my mum. She's been on amylodipine for a couple of years, after a stroke. She takes her blood pressure once every month, at two hour intervals during the day, and it has been pretty much perfect. Last week she changed to Lecalpin (Lercanadine) because she was fed up with having badly swollen ankles. Lecalpin is affecting her badly (sick, exhausted, cramps) so she wants to come off it. However meanwhile the doctor has looked at some recent blood test results and discovered a pro BNP of 1500. Apparently this is terrible. So my question is two fold

1. Has anyone else come across a pro BNP like that? And if so what was done about it? The doctor prescribed Telemisartin with no explanation as to whether it should be taken instead of Lecalpin or as well as. Plus my ma's blood pressure is usually around 120/80, so surely it could be dangerous to lower it more?

2. When I researched alternatives to amylodipine for swollen ankles, I came up with Sevikar (combination of olmesartin and amylodipine) which sounds excellent. The doctor didn't want to prescribe it because there was a "risk of dizziness". Has anyone else any knowledge of this combination pill?

Thank you so much.

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Hello ttabs.

Firstly, Remember we on this forum are just ‘ amateurs’. Anything we say

Is just personal

Secondly, if your mother is unsure what she should be taking then the doctor must tell her. At the very least, ask your pharmacist (assuming you are in UK)

The next port of call could be Blood Pressure UK, the charity that specialises in - well you’ve guessed.

I’d certainly say that 120/80 is good but she could I think be ok at 100/70 say.

Lastly, your mother is lucky she’s got you looking after her well-being. Well done.

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