I've been on this tablet for high blood pressure I've Been getting hot swollen knees and feet.... blood in urine...... extreme fatigue.... plus stabbing stomach pains which have ended up with a hospital visits I've had every test and the docs can't find anything. I've Been looking at side effects of this drug now I think its because of this tablet is the reason why gunna stop taking it and see the doctor .....

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    Unfortunately some of the meds do have terrible side affects as you are describing here. I would most definatley see you Dr. and insist on stopping the amlodipine.

    Amlodipine did cause my stomach to be upset. I have 2 friends that went completly bald in a short time of being on this med. One friends hair grew back but the others did not.

    My experience with blood in the urine has been a kidney stone. When the stone moves it causes bleeding . An Ultra sound of the kidneys should be done to rule out kidney stone or stones. Hope your feeling better once you change this med.

    I have tried many meds because of their side affects over the last 4 yrs. I am currently on Triamterene -HCTZ 37.5-25 MG. capsules and works very well for me with no side affects and keeps my pb at a good level.

  • Hi All. I am new here.

    I want share same experience which I had with Stamlo beta M which has same composition.

    I noticed swollen lower legs around ankle area.

    Within a month I stopped & my new Cardiologist put me on Rancil 10 & Metolar XR 25 to replace Stamlo beta M ( amlodipine).

    Please consult your doctor immediately & change to othe option before it makes more damage to your health.

    Best luck

  • I can't believe this drug can cause so many problems I've been on this tablet for a year my life has been turned upside down. ....l just wanna feel well n I don't ..... now it's almost 4 in the morning I have been in pain most of the night ...... it's effecting my job my social life I just want answers hopefully will start to feel better soon ...this tablet is scary stuff !!

  • Please consult your doctor immediately & stop amlodipine. It does have many side effects and one of them is swelling in lowerlegs and ankle area. Ask to change Amlodipine immediately before it creates permanent damage. Take care

  • Hi, I have been on Amlodopine for about 14 years and just accepted the swollen ankles and itchy legs I think it gave me. However recently I got fed up with it so spoke to my understanding Doctor and, as she knew I monitored by BP regularly, she was happy for me to reduce the dosage from 10mg down to 5mg. As a result the swollen ankle and itchy legs disappeared and their was little or no affect on BP. I then tried cutting it out completely and my BP increased. So I am happy to continue on the reduce dosage.

  • I've now been off it for a week I can't tell how much better I feel went t the doc because I take 3 other bp tablets the doc had increased them swollen legs. tiredness and feel like the fog has lifted and I feel light hearted take my bp regularly all is good my life back after struggling for a year 😀

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