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Not again

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Been having pressure in my temples and like an itchy feeling there aswell and sometimes all across the back of my head or even on top asif like bugs were crawling around …anyone know what this could be?! had my 2 months postnatal checkup at the doctors yesterday & again she’s just put it all down to anxiety and switched me from fluoxetine to sertraline but won’t be starting the sertraline for another week yet… blood pressure has crept up again because i’ve stopped taking labetalol altogether now & my oxygen level on the little finger thing was 99% …i’m worrying so much someone help

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Just suggestions: Are you still wearing a mask? Could be an allergy to masks. I had problems with that and I took sinus medicine to combat it.

How is your blood pressure? This is another thing that cause my headaches.

This is from personal experience.

hiya, noo i don’t wear a mask i have exemption so it’s defo not that :( and my blood pressure was getting back to normal when i was on the medication after it being lowered 3 times because i was on to high of a dose and i’ve weaned off it it i’ve been off of it for 3 days now but yesterday it crept back up again was like 140/90 or something …i haven’t been getting aches though just pressure and tingles :/

They say you can't tell when a person's blood pressure is up. It seems I get the same symptoms you get when it creeps up on me. Mine end up being aches when it goes back down.

oh really what you get the head pressure etc aswell? mines constant so i’m not sure

Yes I had it constant for 8 plus months before I was able to feel better. Hope yours doesn't do like mine did.

If you’re uncomfortable and have a new baby I think the medics need to be involved again. A further suggestion is to chat to your pharmacist

yeah i have a 2 month old and what do you mean medics? :/ i’m so worried

I don’t know where you are or who you see about your health and your baby. District nurse? Midwife? Doctor? Whoever it is please tell them that you’re anxious It’s their job

Is your high blood pressure related to your pregnancy? I suffered post partum pre eclampsia and my blood pressure went a bit mad. Luckily, it was spotted and i was on labetalol and nifedipine. It took them about a month to get things stable. The plan was then to half the meds then every week, but that turned out to be too fast for me. In the end, I reduced really slowly, even buying a pill cutter so I could cut my pills into quarters. It was frustrating, and it took 6 months to get off the meds rather than about 4 weeks as initially assumed, but it worked. Going slowly stopped my blood pressure going up again and i gave my body about three weeks to adjust to each change. Even if you're pregnancy wasn't the cause of your high blood pressure, it takes about six months for your blood to reduce and return to normal after a pregnancy, so it might well still be having an effect. Definitely go back to your doctor, but don't rush the medication reduction. I asked my hospital blood pressure specialist if taking the pills for longer was doing be any harm, and they said absolutely not and reducing slowly was fine. It certainly took away all of the stress of scaring myself with the numbers. Like you, i was terrified, and the more scared i got, the worse my blood pressure got. But also, 140/90 isn't too bad at least for the short term. I was told i could keep reducing the meds as long as it didn't go higher than 140/90. Good luck!

Yes! I have lots of itching and it does feel like I have little bugs everywhere. Mostly neck and head but also some on legs. I’m new to this med but just increased to 5 mg a day and it’s very itchy now. Guess I’ll call my MD

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which med are you on?

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