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Help me again fresh start : bisoprolol

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Hi I’ve being here before but just wanting a clean fresh brain start as it’s gone mush try squeeze it all in and go from today :

So being on bisoprolol 2.5 since March for episode of high blood pressure,, few weeks after taking it kept waking 3-4 hours later - heart beating fast , sweaty and left side under ribs feels crushy ( don’t know how describe it ) , get tight bloaty tummy throughout day & Gradually being feeling palpitations over these last 2 weeks unsure if other med which I’ve had to stop to see ferrous fumurate is related found it made my palpitations heighten ,, I feel short of breath not breathless and notice less symptoms when I’m walking about but feel symptoms more sitting n worser when seem to lay down - feel worn out like tired my 30 min daily walk seems a task of late

I’ve noticed my heart rate seems to be 53-60 when on waking which I do know goes down when you sleep but this is after I’ve rested my normal was 70-80 on these — my bp has being good to what it was and keeping constant 120-144 over 70-90s ,,

noticed mid chest more pressure and palpitations worse since starting 2x210mg ferrous fumurate 2 weeks ago which I am doing 1 every other day now and on day off seems a hell of a lot better not sure if too strong o I’m to sensitive to these ,

trying build up from there as know I need them or will a high iron diet do the job or a supermarket supplement or got told try spartone on here which I have ordered my results was 12ug on ferritin blood test

I’m trying my best fully changed my diet no or very little rubbish enters my body at least 4 times week meals cooked from scratch all fresh ingredients other days just a simple sandwich or beans on toast , fruit bowl or porridge or soup ( always go green traffic lights n if have to 1 Orange )

I eat fruit n nuts some Im not keen on like walnuts just not a fan


I’ve cut all caffeine what I know is caffeine par 2 pieces 70./. dark choc daily which told lowers blood pressure

I drink lots of water o herbal teas , even don’t have ss milk which I love especially b4 bed just in my breakfast now and swapped my daily glass for soya milk

and kept up with daily walks 25-30 mins even if struggle lost just under 2 stone since March as im on the heavier side since loss of my mum back in June who I cared for as she was bedbound with copd for 7 years which after she passed,, I feel caused me feel down & stressed along with COVID and being stuck in n lack of exercise n ate crap caused my blood pressure I’m not sure if possible but I’m determined n willpower there now to shift it 🤔

I saw my dr on Thursday with other more serious results which came back good thank god ,, so was nervous and left my little note at home which was ready to give about this which I’m so sad n upset about and not sure if mentioned this to her in the office ,, tried calling her back as soon as was home as had 10min of my appointment left ,, but she had another patient in , but she call me back 16th June

Sorry just tried getting everything out from start to finish

Probably asked b4 but wanting a fresh mind as seems Misty lately : I know no one medically trained and I will be voicing my concerns in a few weeks on my call but just need bit reassurance to keep sane til then

Really appreciate if anyone could help me or being where I am right now

N also know if I get a lower dose of bisoprolol will my heart rate go back up a bit and my symptoms be the same or reduce as I can tolerate so much or could my lifestyle just be enough with no meds or would you recommend a change of meds I’d rather be without I do know that

Could it be possible that with my weight n bp coming down I’m in less need of medication ,, could this be reason my heart rate is lowered like from lifestyle could it make me feel like this as know the numbers drop on bp if lose a bit weight kinda thing

Sorry if being a pain just have a overactive brain right now n just deflated :( x

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Hello tigerjuz. Just a few thoughts from me.Firstly, well done on losing weight - it can be hard I know. Keep at it by eating only ‘real’ foods that are prepared from scratch. Have a look at Blood Pressure UK for hints on diet and lifestyle, and keep the exercise going.

I don’t know how old you are or if you are working, but half an hour walk a day might not be enough exercise. Keep increasing your exercise slowly but surely. Can you incorporate some exercises that you can find on UTube? joe Wicks for Seniors is very good but not too strenuous.

The pils you are on are beta blockers, and this will certainly make your heart rate slower - that’s normal.

If you continue with the diet and lifestyle recommendations and then consult your doctor in a few weeks time, you may find that it has settled down and you are feeling more yourself.

Don’t be hard on yourself, give yourself time, but do keep up with all the good things you can do for yourself.

I wish you well.

Hi thank you it has been hard but it’s quite crazy food I thought I’d miss I don’t and food from scratch tastes so much better just a few herbs or spices can really change a dish ,, yeah I really prefer real food and it’s not much more expensive once you got a lot of the stuff in ,, yeah I’ll have a look at that site thank you

And yeah I’m hoping to eventually up exercise gradually just can’t wait to feel me again

I’m only 34 and not workin at min just my partner works at Amazon 40 hours but bit of a struggle as not much luxuries once bills are paid but really hoping to get back into work to help us both out financially just struggling at moment with day to day even at home

I can try something like that too yeah if it’s not a bad pain day I’ll try YouTube vids but I could start at the older scale to get back into fitness

Ahh okay glad it’s normal would that make my heart beat fast on wakin do you know

Yeah I’m defo sticking to diet and lifestyle and really do hope it settles down as really hate feeling like this on meds

I know it’s so hard as can’t believe I’ve spiralled into this always being taught to be strong and just feel broken and scared

Thank you so much 😊 you take care too x

Hi there. So sorry to hear you are in such a bad place. I just wonder if a lot of your problem is anxiety. This can blow your mind and your thoughts just spiral out of control. I really think as I said before I think you should contact your doctor for some advice on counselling. When you see your doctor next time try and remember to go over every little thing and drugs that ate a worry to you. Don’t forget that list! Well done for losing the weight. You are doing extremely well. Your diet looks impressive. You will reap the benefits for sure. It’s vital you keep drinking the water. Your fitness will improve as you have lost the weight and are eating well. I only walk for half an hour daily and guidelines will tell you this is enough to keep you healthy. Lots of hugs and take care.x

Hey ,, think a lot is health anxiety just from side effects especially if get a ache or pain especially new things always think the worse but I’ve only had since starting the bisoprolol really dragging me down

,, yeah I gonna ask counselling or go privately but don’t want them just assuming it’s anxiety n it’s these are not happening I wish they wasn’t then wouldn’t feel like this as that’s all they will look at

, I’m so sensitive to medication even paracetamol makes me feel funny always has done like calpol when was little my mum n daughter same

I had my list n read everything out n way I felt ( pain left side / belly bloat diff to my ibs ,, feel like short breath but not breathless like not getting enough air but it’s not anxiety o panic attack know what they feel like ,, little stupid nightmares when sleep usually 2 hours after takin biso , palpitations feel in neck n can see them near boob when high ,, giving me worry ,, palpitations only being like this since my heart rate has being low and my bp has come down last 2 weeks , just feel my walking hard work with all this going on )

Thank you it’s being hard work with not exercising o walkin for almost a year n eating crap since June hence y I think my bp went that high

Yeah Diet is great feel a lot better for it n my hair n skin looking more healthy

Yeah I love water anyway my go to drink now especially cucumber water so refreshing , don’t need juice just add anything you fancy some r good some not so much

Yeah I always aim for the 30 even if ave drag myself lately

Thank you 😊 means a lot greatly appreciate your help and input x

Hello tigerjuz.we are all so different and everybody reacts differently to medication. I hate taking any sort of medication but because I am not so disciplined with diet and I am an anxious person also, I have been taking medication for HP since 1997. I take 5mg Bisoprolol for all those years and now my body has got used to it and often I wonder if it has any effect on my BP any longer. However, if I leave it out for a day or two , I notice that my heart rate goes up and with the anxiety, also my BP. And as your doctor may have told you, it's not good for us to stop taking Bisoprolol promptly. Has to be reduced gradually as otherwise the heart is under strain. It is a medication which suits me after so many years. My one concern is that it has depression under side effects and I do not know whether my depression is therefore constant over so many years. I would love to just come off all medication for just a month to see what it feels like to be 'normal' . . . but at age 74 I do not want to play with fire. I wonder if this is any advice for you at all but if your doctor could suggest perhaps a different Beta blocker, then it would be worth asking him about it. I also take 150 mg Irbersartan alongside it and the two meds seem to keep my BP half way under control. But when I get stressed or anxious, it can go sky high even with the two medications. Good luck Tigerjuz.

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tigerjuz86 in reply to aloisia

Hey aloisia ,, that is true I’ve noticed works for some and others not so well

Me too hate meds mainly the side effects I can’t deal with can deal with some but not when affects my day to day

I didn’t think I could do diet was hard at 1st not gonna lie but keep telling myself it’s gonna better me and make me feel me again

I don’t understand why we get anxious though last thing you want when you already worry wish could just turn it off

Oh god that’s a long time do we never get off them ,, how long did it take roughly as know I wouldn’t remember that far back

did u have any side effects at 1st takin it

Has it just kept the same readings since then

Ahh okay so it is keeping it balanced , does it go up much or just gradual increase

Ive not being told much about it just off this forum , I was a&e when given mine as went all funny out the blue early morning and my body was 220/114 given the medication

Had 3 bp checks and bloods which found had low ferritin so on meds for that too n had ecg n saw dr about it after month of starting as had pain under left rib and bloating just won’t go down only again since starting meds which she saw was like a egg did stool samples

then saw dr on Thursday about my results and was gonna ask about everything n forgot my list n was to worried about results

Spoke to a diff dr today after a cancellation ,, I asked if could lower o split dose and see if symptoms reduce as with losing weight n changing sit n lifestyle

But they not gonna do if anything said increase to 5 which I don’t get ?? So confused n upset

But someone told me on here not to just stop it which I was worried that may happen

Oh I didn’t know had that effect and I’m sorry u felt depressed I had episode and was awful

I don’t blame you as it’s horrid feeling unlike yourself

N I understand that I’m 34 and I’m scared too

It’s great advice thank you so much

I’m gonna try speak to the lady dr as she seems to listen to me n my concerns

Do you still have high blood pressure taking those like what’s your regular readings if u don’t mind me askin

Yeah I have noticed if scared o anxious my bp goes into 160s

Thank you so much😊 hoping for good luck too x x

Update : got cancellation phone appointment today

They do not want to reduce my meds or split my dose I told them all my worries and that lost my weight and how it makes me feel since starting it

They are wanting to up it which I don’t understand as my bp is okay at min this morning 125/68 n yesterday 118/73 n my heart rate 54 when I feel mega palpitations n 62/65 other times

Just don’t know what to do just feel unheard now stressing me out 😭 x

Hi I can only tell you my story from what I am learning AF is different for everyone !Over the last month I have had numerous tablets to control my AF which have not succeeded

I have been to GP1-2 times a week , A&E 3 times with exactly the same problem

Constant palpitations lasting for 5-6 hours, feeling tired ++ no energy and just very unwell

This all makes you feel very anxious,I am not a anxious person generally

The last visit to A&E I saw a cardiology doctor and he started me on flecanide 100mgs twice a day

I started it yesterday no palpitations all day feeling more like myself,hoping this is going to keep me stable

This morning I feel well

I am not usually Unwell this has completely knocked me off my feet,

Hoping that you get sorted

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tigerjuz86 in reply to Millview

Hey millview

I don’t think I have af had ecg and blood tests and they have not said I have this

I do have low ferritin levels these all started as soon as I’ve started the bisoprolol 2 months ago

Aw glad you are being seen I am struggling to get in or even a phone appointment

I’m sorry you have had to experience this I am scared so know how it makes you feel & ive been so tempted to go a&e

That’s how I have felt like no energy and just feel ill and the anxiety that I’m having is stressful ,, which I feel will make it worser for me in long run as that’s when my heart rate o bp seems to rise stupidly when I’m in a bit of a pickle ,, just want off or at least reduce my bisoprolol to see if feel better as feel my bp has come right down and seems stable and feel have a better lifestyle and diet again

Yeah I hate feeling anxious I never was before so it’s driving me nutty such a horrible feeling isn’t it

Hating my low heart rate as can feel every beat and wakin up n it drumming is awful 😢

I’m too scared to start anything else with what these have made me feel like

I’m so glad you are Feelin better and more yourself I hope it keeps like that for you

Really hope I do too just hope there’s a dr that listens to me and how I’m feelin

Thank you so much 😊 x

try reducing your dose slowely and see how your symtons go,anxiety is a bugger that raises bp and heart rate so i wonder how meny really need there anxiety sorted out and then bp would return to normal, docs dont find the cause of the high bp, they are happy if numbers come down not how you are feeling usually crap , if you know nothing is going to happen to you even at 180/100 you will be less anxious , if you are eating well dont drink,smoke not overweight its different to been fat,eating bad etc although 2 people can have same bp but one is more at risk

If I did I would definitely do as slowly as possible ,, Would the effects reduce as I reduced the dosage I thought woulda stuck till I got fully off ,,

that is the weird thing with me I have feeling of anxiety like my tummy tenses n can feel palpitations n get scared n cry but my bp is good side 118to125 over 70to80s and heart rate is 54 so I don’t understand it lol

I’ve had all the tests I’ve been told and it’s nothing serious so could be right there I have seen my numbers reduce which was happy with as hated seeing the hospital 1 which I don’t know if that’s just my change of diet and lifestyle or the medication I’m hoping it’s me though

Yeah I understand that you probably wouldn’t worry if nothing has happened your mind definitely does mad stuff i never thought it could

I am most certainly eating well again makes me sick thinkin what fatty crap I put in my body and how like my skin n hair is reaping the benefits from eating healthy again ,, I don’t smoke n tee total drinking apart from Boxing Day and new year with family dinner ,, I have become overweight but took me ages to be diagnosed with my thyroid I was doing all the good stuff but putting in weight could never understand why but manageable now so can shift it unlike before ,, it’s crazy ain’t it :) x

well your bp is good so the only way to find out is to slowely reduce one drug at a time and see how you go,you are young,eat well,exercice i bet you would be surprised how you feel,do you want a lifetime on drugs feeling bad,its no life,you should be loving every minute of it,you wont on pills though, you only have to read on here the nightmare people are going through and dont do anything about it, its up to you what you put in your mouth, sorry to read about your mum passing that will not have helped and more than likely caused a lot of your problems,

Yeah I’m just feeling rubbish at the minute though so darent try right now

But I don’t wanna be on these forever I do know that

And I do I wish I could do more at the minute I’m just getting to the shops and back

Yeah I just wish I was like you and be brave I’m scared at minute with me having a daughter mad partner and my dad needs me right now

And that’s true just wish the drs would of listened to me day I asked no wonder people just stop and try do it alone

Thank you it’s being a year tomorrow lost her and feels like yesterday ,, and that’s what I think it was the grieving stress then taking the easy way of being lazy n eating crap which I can’t blame no one but myself if I could go back a year I definetley would

Thank you for getting in touch again means a lot

Just got things going round n round of what is best and what to do so hard as I feel they helped me in the first month or so but the anxiety unsure from these or iron tabs or just me panicking but then never have b4 so its all weird

Keep well and I hope I can be free n me again soon :) x

i never had a panic attack till i started bp pills, really bad and use to shake violently,and ive been in some bad places in my life, shot at,ira blowing buildings i was in, and nothing gave me panic attacks,then the anxiety started, little things would set it off even watching tipping point if they did not win lol, it was sencless but could not help it, went into the dark hole then of depression i knew it was the pills so thought they would eventually take me out or as my mind was going i could have done or would have ended the misery, so i had nothing to lose if i stopped them,the worst that could happen was i might have stroke heart attack but what was the chance,id cut the odds as dont drink,smoke was fit as a fiddle before meds so the odds went down for me,dont take bp anymore that sent my anxiety crazy even looking at it,dont no why when ive looked down the barrel of a gun pointing at me and did not panic,i suppose i knew icould handle that quick lol, every day now is better, not fully there yet but 12 weeks off them,just go slow and enjoy life, just focus on yourself and daughter and you will be fine,no one else will do it for you, god bless xxx

Is so bizarre like they put you on these to prevent you from seeious things but the effects you get are just as bad ,, I’m hoping mine is my bad gastritis causing me the pain time will tell if not I am really thinking about it but at the min the pain spiking my bp so high so I’m really scared to right now ,,

I am in honour of you and really respect the fact you went out and fought for us ( that is what I’m thinking you was at war ) either way a scary thing to go through

Oh god do you live alone I’m so glad I have my family to pull me through how they put up with me during an attack I don’t know

Aw that’s such a sad place to be in I am so glad you found a way out

I’m not as fit as I want to be but hoping I get there soon

Yeah I’m trying to not do mine so often I’m aiming for morning and bedtime check as I’ve found myself overlooking n if it’s tad high to what normally is I have a little panic inside

Oh god I could never imagine that so brave of you :)

What are you experiencing now it is only early for you

Thank you and you take care too :) x

i started by not checking bp everyday in fact now not checked since last sept ,as long as im feeling ok its just a number, the thought of doing it makes my heart race lol, so now im calm its much better, try extra virgin olive oil cheap and easy,2 tablespoons of that a day works wonders for most ailments if you can take it or mix with warm milk and honey, i bet in a day you feel better, now thats a good side effect you wont get with bp pills i would never take a bp tablet again in my life , there are better ways to live,i dont no anyone on them who is fit and healthy, next door the lady is younger than me on 14 tablets a day ,ambulance there last night, can not walk,hardly breath, she was fit as a fiddle 2 years ago till went on statins then bp then every thing else, but medics said her bp is fine lol, they will kill you eventualy,mind you none of us are getting out of here alive so enjoy life ,every minute,i once you get fit everything will get better but its hard ,eat healthy but not a lot,

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