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Relationship between Ramipril and cluster migraine

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Have suffered from severe migraine for over 50 yrs and taken sumatriptan for at least 40 years. Approximately 30 years ago was prescribed bendroflumethiazide and lisinopril for high blood pressure. 18 months ago those medications stopped and was prescribed only Ramipril 2.5. Since then I have experienced bouts of really severe migraine lasting between 3-10 days. Prior to taking Ramipril Attacks lasted 2-3 days. Has anyone else had this experience ?

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I find any change to medication creates havoc migraine-wise. After 35 years, mine were brought under control to a liveable standard with Clopidogrel ( discovered through taking part in a drug trial). Clopidogrel was stopped suddenly last summer when I had to have a replacement aortic valve which required open heart surgery. The migraines returned with a vengeance and I was prescribed Amitriptyline and Gabapentin ( one after the other) which didn't work and had horrible side-effects. My blood pressure is still high ( average 160/100) and the migraines are becoming almost permanent and intolerable. I have been prescribed paracetamol and Amlodipine. If you happen upon anything effective, I'd love to know. Meanwhile, much sympathy to you.

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Thank you. If I find anything I will send the info.

I had headaches (gp said cluster headaches) that woke me up almost every night. As soon as I started on Ramipril they stopped! Wasn't related to my BP because it took several increases in dose and the addition of another drug to bring it down.

That is interesting. GP is now saying change to a beta blocker which will address blood pressure and ‘prevent’ migraine.

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