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How much weight loss before BP comes down

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Hi, I'm trying to get my BMI down from 31 to 25. I've lost 17lbs in the last month and got my BMI down to 28.2. I'm 62 and been on BP drugs for the past 6 years. When should I expect my BP to start falling?

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First of all THIN_bastard ..... well done!

Speaking for myself, once I had lost about 25 pounds from a BMI of 29 my doctor reduced my medication. Then the pressures gradually rose and my medication was changed; I now vary around systolic 120 to 110, though I can’t remember the pressures at that time (fifteen years ago). But everyone is different.

I think the advice would be - keep going!!

😂😂😂 I love it. x

I would have thought that a BP change would have started happening within the first 4 weeks of starting BP meds. It is dependant on the dosage, drug of choice and where you are starting with your BP.

I'm about your age and have been told I need to be at 69 Kg weight. It scares me as I feel at that, one healthy fart and I could extinguish life as I know it!

I remain at 75 Kg and while not happy with that I'm comfortable with it. I do monitor my BP daily in case there is a unexpected increase over days. My BMI, yes I have body mass!

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Thanks C13 and all. I will be continuing with the diet. Only lost 1lb this week, but I had two family post-lockdown meals which threw it out. I reckon the hot weather will sweat a few more pounds off me. BP still 143/92.

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I have had higher BP than that for over 20 years and, touch wood, no bad side effects, as yet. Averaging 150/100 currently. Targeting 140/80.

My weight dropped by 15 lbs and my BP dropped to 125/75....from 145/85, in 6 months. Good luck.

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