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How is your BP during lockdown?

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Had what the doctors thought was C19 back in March - coughing for ever, fever, but other than that I managed to get through it. I was diagnosed with HBP back in 2017, 180/120 after a period of extreme stress, coupled with the fact that I was 3 stone overweight. Got the BP down through diet, exercise and amlodipine/losartan, but gradually the weight came back, and by BP hovers around 130/85 (I'm a 47yo male). Anyway, been getting chest pain, not too serious, which the GP says is due to the extreme coughing - rib cage sore to touch etc, and whilst at the surgery had a 'routine' BP check - 140/100. She told me to monitor it for a week and get back to her. My diastolic has fluctuated around the 100 mark since. Sometimes dips into the low 90s, but has been as high as 110. Systolic ranges from 120-140. Is this Corona-anxiety? Stress? Do I need to up my dosage? How has your BP been during this period?

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I don’t want to be rude but if your BP went down on losing weight and increased on gaining it back..........

That coupled with the stress you are experiencing could well be the problem. I’m sure your GP will have an answer for you when you show her your readings.

Best wishes

Do whatever your GP tells you to do blags. Don't up your dosage until you are told to do so. Good luck and I hope it resolves for you.

The diastolic is the resting heart and really should be 90 or under. Your body has had a lot to cope with fighting the virus off so good work so far. Be guided by the GP and losing a bit of weight would be advisable,hard thing to do during the lockdown as I must say cooking/ eating are a great distraction for me at this time.

My father-in-law (93, multiple health issues) died of the virus ,we couldn’t attend his funeral as in another country so very upsetting and difficult to grieve. At that time my B/P went flying up 170/80, I became very anxious for a few days,now thankfully back at 130/70-110/70 but I still have occasional days when I feel wobbly.

My medication:Ramipril 10mg & Diltiazem xl 180mg usually do the job. Normal weight, 61

Good luck.

Thank you so much for your reply. It peaked last night at 180/110, which was a worry. It's just getting that bottom number down!

This morning on the back of 10 hours sleep - I had 127/97...maybe sleep is the key?

Sleeping well definitely helps. My problem is more my bottom number. I can feel weird sensation in my head and know that if I take a reading the top number wont be too bad, but the bottom will be up in the 90s. I wonder if it is weight gain and stress? Ive gained at least half a stone during lockdown and am scared to go outside apart from the shopping which frightens me. Maybe you arent fully over the covid, inasmuch as it's knocked the stuffing out of you, take it easy and eat well and healthily. Call your gp.

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