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Amlodipine and breastfeeding


Hi all. My amlodipine dose has been upped from 5mg to 10mg as my blood pressure is unstable. I am breastfeeding and afraid to continue even if doctor says it's ok. Any one here experiencing this?

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Have you told your GP of your concerns? You really should have a word with him/her about it. Is your BP very high?

My BP gets to 13/10 and then down to 12/8 all day long. It's doing the yoyo. After taking the 10mg, it's at 10/7 but I have a terrible headache

Sorry Funkytroll, I don't understand those readings.

Sorry springcross. My highest BP is 130/100 and lowest 101/78. It get low and high throughout the day

I think it's the 100 (from the 130/100) that maybe your GP is concerned with. I would have a word with him/her and tell them of your concerns about using the Amlodipine whilst breastfeeding. Good luck. xx

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