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How long until the medication works?

Hi my blood pressure was 188 / 89 now on Ramipril 2.5,how long until i feel the benefits,i have had pounding heart,heavy legs and been very breathless.Thank you.

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Hello fairyeyes, I was prescribed an additional BP drug (Hydralazine) a couple of weeks ago when my BP was 240/110, and was told that it would take about 10 days to have any effect. However, I wasn’t experiencing symptoms like you, so you might find that the Ramipril reduces those symptoms sooner. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi there,

I was put on Lisinopril 10 mg. My blood pressure went down within days, but too low and I had symptoms of feeling faint and nauseas. I called my doctor and they reduced it to 5mg which still caused problems then to 2.5 then to 1.25 which I'm on now.

I would call your doctor immediately and tell them the symptoms. Depending on other medical conditions you have, they may want to make changes to the drug. Good luck!


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