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I'm just doing a 24-hour bp monitoring and am horrified and a bit scared as the readings are really high. I've put on quite a lot of weight in the past 18 months, which is the exact time I've been taking Sertraline, an antidepressant. In my mind the weight gain is directly linked to the Sertraline.

I'm reasonably active, walking briskly for about 40 minutes each day, and don't overeat too often - though I do give in to sugar cravings some afternoons. Feeling sorry for myself 🙁

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Awe, don't be too hard on yourself. You can turn this around. I developed high blood pressure this past year due to kidney disease. I am on the very lowest dose of lisinopril now 1.25 mg and it has lowered my blood pressure and I think it's helping my anxiety as well and gotten rid of my migraines. I'm usually highly anxious, but ever since I went on this, my anxiety has been reduced quite a bit. Of course, I started doing yoga and meditation sleep music at night so that is probably a contributing factor as well.

In any case, it's ok to feel sorry for yourself, but not to worry, there are solutions. Sending you positive thoughts!

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I agree. Don't be hard on yourself.

1. most people with hypertension don't know it, and go along well enough.

2. There are medications that give you an appetite. It's hard not to respond. Since you've been given a 24 hour kit, I imagine your BP is high enough to ring alarm bell in your doctor's head.

Brisk waking. Do you have the Active10 app? There are those who find it really useful. 40 minutes is good, and more than some folk are able to manage, more would be better. I'm less sure of exercise and weight loss, but very sure exercise is essential to good health and tone. It's more to do with calorie balance. What goes in must come out.

I dont entirely link the medication with weight gain. As I said above you're possibly responding to an increased appetite. I have no suggestions or experience there. I'm struggling to lose anything. Good luck :)

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Thanks, Zazzel and fenbadger. Yes, I do have Active 10 - I think it's good. I'm getting back to being reasonably active and am sure it will reap benefits.


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