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BP high and HR

My was high last night.

Couldn't sleep noticing heart rate up 85-95.

Usually when sleep at 69-73HR.

Did measure before 5 this morning.

BP 154/104 hr94; then down 3 minute interval to 119/106 97; 130/96 95; had to take my blood pressure tablet and 1.25 bisoprolol. Seemed to help.

I was very tired earlier from a little step workout and light physio exercise. I'm still recovering from Open heart surgery 12 weeks now. Sternum little tight. Also stiff jaw and neck doesn't help. Muscles too tense. Taking magnesium oil which helps a bit with magnesium tablets. I took a vitamin b complex around 7pm to try boost my energy but think a mistake as I read it can elevate your heart rate.

I'm measuring BP every day. Am I too obsessed? Could make things worse mentally. Anxious?

I've rehab today. Gonna skip this as not too great.

Anyone can help here?

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Sorry you are feeling anxious. I do think obsessing about it can drive your blood pressure up. If you had open heart surgery recently, don't they have you going in for regular checkups? If your blood pressure goes up to 180/100 you need to get into your doctor sooner than later. If your blood pressure is lower than that, but still high for several days I would still make an appt to see your doctor. Maybe they can change or add meds.

Sending healing thoughts your way!


Thanks. It seems everything is working OK. I couldn't sleep and think taking different things popped up the levels. Also overdone physically the past few days so had to rest. Had a extra vitamin b complex at 7 and I recall this happened before as I kept a diary during recovery. I feel OK now. Didn't have any vitamins yesterday to clear out vitamins. I see gp on Tuesday so will gather my readings and see what they think.

Also been told not to do measuring too often. A few times a month. Mmmmm?

Seems long but would do it 2-3 times a week. Not sure if that's right but would like be conscience



glad you are seeing your Gp. hopefully everything will get straightened out!

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