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Incomplete stories

I often wonder about the outcome from the letters on here - what happens to some of the people who post? Do they find acceptable solutions, or have they just setteled for the status quo and are quaffing more and stronger medications and feeling too lethargic to post?

Please - if you're a new member of this club, put this page into your Favourites so that you can get back to us and keep in touch. Its a shame to ask a question which is important to you and not be able to find us again to see the (mostly very helpful) answers.

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thats a good point that you have raised ...you have to feel well to be pro active in your own care ... but that takes energy of which is a major struggle for many of us .......but we can make our voice heard ..... by reading others posts one may find an answers or the acknowledgement that others are in the same situation .... good wishes to everyone .keep seeking , find those answers

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I so do agree with you 123456s - I think most of us are tired of the side effects and general feeling of exhaustion that most of the drugs leave behind. Someone on here suggested raw vitamin complex and I started taking it a few weeks ago and have to say I feel much more alive. I hope it isn't my imagination - but I'll be sure to report back and let you all know if it has any basis in fact as soon as I can.

But you are right - it takes energy to bother to post on here, the lethargy that seems to be a side effect from the pills.

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Like me, I feel that a lot of people who come on to this page are hoping to find alternatives to chemical drugs to maintain their health.

I've acted on the information I've found here, one of the things I'm trying is co Q10, the naturally fermented type which is closest to the body's natural Q10. The production of this declines with age and I feel it can't hurt as there are so few possible side effects and it's presence is said to help protect the heart and increase energy. Not feeling a lot of energy yet, but it's early days. I accept that it all takes time, even prescription meds are trial and error.

One thing I'd like to share is a new programme on BBC1. It's at 9pm on a Thursday night.

It's called 'The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs' Dr Chris Van Tulleken takes over part of a GP surgery to stop prescription pills. Nobody could fail to love this man, he's so naturally positive and caring, doesn't hide the truth about the side effects of prescription meds and openly admits that with the limited time available to Gps, (10 mins) it's simpler to write a prescription than address lifestyle alternatives.

Even with my (now) limited energy, on the better days I try to help myself by learning more about how my body functions. I know that a lot of people who come here are far worse than me,and my heart goes out to them.

If you're interested in the programme it's available on catch up tv.


Where do you get your cq10 from


I went on line and shopped around, some of the Co Q10 are expensive (mostly the chemically produced I think) I'd already done my homework on them and it came out that the naturally fermented were closer to the natural Q10 produced by the body.

I found that Troo Health care had an offer on and were the least expensive.

<support@troohealthcare.com> There are many different sellers on line, you could try shopping around. The most important thing is that they're the naturally fermented type.

I take a 100mg tablet twice a day with food, which seems to be the standard recommended dose.


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