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Hello, my user name is countrymoon & Im 58 years young! I have always been a person with tons of energy & Im always on the go! I have several pets & grandchildren that have always helped keep me young & active ! I have had fibromyalgia for years but never let it slow me down much & even though Ive developed other treatable health problems as Ive aged, I refused to let them dtop me from enjoying life! My doctors has alwas told me I have the heart of a lion! Then one day about a month ago the unthinkable happened! I make a routine visit to my doctor gor a renewal on a prescription, he took my blood pressure & it was 118/ 80 as always, I tol him Id been feeling tired lately but he ask me to make another appointment to discuss it so I went back 4 days later & my blood pressure was 156/90 !!!

My doctor & I were both floored !

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Might the increase have been due to you feeling concerned about the appointment?


It could be that you were worried about it. I was getting my blood pressure checked since I was 30 because it always read slightly high. They put me on a 24 hour monitor and that should my blood pressure was okay. So they noted that I was possibly suffering from "white coat syndrome" and just the anxiety of being at the doctors could have been raising my blood pressure. I also found the days I was running late or had to wait longer in the surgery because the appointments were running really late that my blood pressure would always be higher. :-D

I now have a blood pressure monitor at home that I use and I take my last few readings with me when I go to see my doctor. This helps him monitor my blood pressure better than just taking the readings in the surgery. :-D


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