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An Alternative View

I have seen a few posts about members being dissatisfied with their GPs. I am so sorry that some of you seem to have uncaring Doctors. Personally, my experience is the total opposite.

My GP's surgery which is just outside Falmouth is peopled by wonderful Doctors, Nurses and support staff. I am so grateful for everything they have done (and are doing) for me.

My GP set things in motion so that my lung cancer was detected early. I had an op four years ago in April 2009 and another in September 2011. The 2009 op removed all cancerous tissue and the op in September 2011, to remove some nodules (wedge sections removed), showed nothing sinister.

Since my 2009 op I have had four DVTs and four PEs all of which were diagnosed immediately.

I am now on Warfarin and have blood tests regularly just to make sure that I am in no danger of another DVT.

At the time of writing, I am being examined for breathlessness - probably COPD I'm told.

I hope that most of the members on this BLF page have Doctors who are as wonderful as my Doctors are.

I wish you all a happy life.



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Pleased to hear you have good GP annec, hope you get the all clear on COPD

Well, I cant say enough for my surgery - good staff all round. Being very supportive - \I have my chest problems - cross fingers no more chest infections and messing around for the next few months. My husband has been diagnosed with cancer prostrate. He started off with hormonal injections and now onto chemo. So we hope+++

Very glad, you got a very good practice behind you annec...In the main most gps do try there best,,it must be difficult,, as i do know in some areas,,there work load must be terrible,,and very disheartning,for some of them..However in some cases it is very difficult to get there attention..A good tip is to get them to call you by your christian name,,and not by your surname,,,this makes you more of a individualin there eyes,,,and less of a statistic..Hoping you have a great easter :)

Whoops i just invented a new word,missed a space...:)

sounds like a new drug, what do you think it should cure?

Glass half full with top docs :-)

I too am very lucky to have a great GP surgery and respiritory consultant. Wish everyone did.

Well, so far, I'm happy with my GP. I have been going there 58 years! They kept me on even when I moved out of their catchment.

Lynne xx

Good god,,do you have to help him to his desk he must be very,very very old. :)

Lolololololol. That was so funny. They have changed but maintained a really good service. I have actually attended a funeral service or two.

Lynne xx

Good to hear some positive feedback on GP services elsewhere,what one would hope is with Chronic illness a sensible system for care exists at every level so patients don't feel let down by the service, however I am sure there will be times when the service will not meet some patients expectations or be unable to meet the need on individual occassions when demand is high.

Join your Patient Participation group at your surgery.Voice your opinions.

Thank you all for commenting on my post. I wish everyone had as good a surgery as my surgery is. If, however, some of you don't have such a good surgery then turn up at A&E if the need arises. I see no merit in suffering just because your GP won't attend you.

Thanks again everyone and I wish you health and happiness.



Morning. My GP practice has recently become Commissioned what ever that means. 2 of them are urging me to complain about consultant. I'm giving him a second chance in April.

All in all they are a great practice. Particularly the newest youngest one. He's very keen and switched on with the latest knowledge and ideas.

I trust them and I think they respect me. So lucky.

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