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Hardy fuchsias viewed from my chair

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I grew from small cuttings years ago all these lovely fuchsias, enjoying them now. Think will have to prune them more early next spring, didn’t do it much this year.

17 Replies
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i hav e had for years a scarborough lily(clivia) that my mum gave me lasr century . Couldnt throw it awayand ,someone here told me to put it outside. Looked yesterday and i have three flower buds ! Thank you who eve r it was

.many thanks i now look forward to finding what it looks like as i have forgott en !

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Really beautiful thank you for sharing have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxxx 🌻🌻

sassy59 profile image

They look beautiful Jean. Our one by the back door was small but is now huge. I love it though. Xxx

Jane2005 profile image

They look lovely 😍

CDPO16 profile image

Lovely Jean. We certainly get value from hardy fuchsias which go on flowering until late autumn. Beautiful flower and well liked by bees too.

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They zre a sight to behold and must give you much pleasure. Do they stay indoors over the Winter?

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Morrison10 in reply to RoadRunner44

thanks. No they’re hardy, stay out planted all winter. Jean x

madonbrew profile image

They look lovely 🌺

Solily profile image

They are beautiful!! Enjoy!!

Cloudancer profile image


Made my day x

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My mum's favourite flowers, equal only to roses.

dunnellon profile image

So very pretty! Makes one smile!

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i love fuchsias too . I have one called carla lane that i am despera tely tryin g to keep going but cuttings didnt take . Cant get the compost i have always used before and they died off while i was .in Hospital. Too late now i expect. I also hzve a sub tropical one called thalia wchich is flame red long thin tubules in clusters. It takes too long to flower only just started in late august, but so lovely and just single pots while you have whole beds and baskets of them much colour - lovely. I used to go to the show in Handsworth park every year when i lived at home with mum and dad. Do they still have that show every year ? Ì remember my Dad buying a clematis when the show closed and walking to bus stop with flower danging round his ear !

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clematis5932 in reply to Jaybird19

You may be showing your age Jaybird, I used to go to Hands worth Park at a guess 50 years ago, it then transferred to a park in Perry Barr by the old running track. It was also a dog show as well. After that it went to Kings Heath Park where it got bigger and better. I used to love it. Friday till Sunday always the last weekend in August and attracted thousands of people each year. The only time i missed was the weekend that Princess Diana died. It stopped around 12 -13 years ago after Birmingham City Council withdrew the funding in a cost cutting exercise. I also loved Fushia's and won my one and only Fushia 3rd prize medal. I gave up growing them only because the dreaded vine weevil got the better of me. We were only talking about the show yesterday as my daughter went to the Malvern show where the entrance tickets were 22 pound.

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lovely display, its strange how to spite awfully dry weather the Fuschias and roses still bloom. I have some lovely double blooms on my fuschias since we had a bit of rain. Far more hardy than me I think 😊

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Morrison10 in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks, yes think I’m nowhere near as hardy as the fuchsias! hoping the frost doesn’t come yet, turn the white flowers brown. Hope your lovely double ones survive, it’s pleasing that they burst out after little rain. Jeanx

Stratos20 profile image

Oh they’re lovely Jean. Nice view out your window. Hope you’re keeping well. Best wishes Diane 😊

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