hi people its been a while but had the surgery done 5 weeks ago they took 2 lobes of my right lung away and after 5 days in hospital sent home to recover and wait for the histologies report to come back a week later i phoned up for the results and was told only part of the report had come back so had to wait they told me they would be in touch 3 weeks later i phoned up again to be told they still werent back so my wife give them a few choice words about how i had had the tumour took away and they didnt seem to be bothered about the follow up anyway miracously the results came back and i was called in to see the consultant we thought here we go find out how bad it was and receive the course of follow up treatment we went in the roomat the hospital and the consultant said i have good news and bad news so i said whats the bad news to which he said im sorry but we had to take your right lung away but the goods news is you DIDNT HAVE CANCER IN THE FIRST PLACE im no doctor like but how can you get a diagnosis like that wrong is it not messing with peoples heads and lives ive lost 3 months off work already and dont know how many more as i have to adapt with life with only 1 lung and is there some poor person out there who thinks they dont have cancer when they do im very confused nand mad to say the least

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  • BLOODY HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think you need some good legal advice,,,,,,,,,,,,, that is shocking,,really feel for you,,, you take care of yourself,,,dont really know what else to say,,,i am in shock at this,,,,,

  • OMG! How horrendous for you. I don't even know what advise I could give you. Perhaps the BLF helpline could help? Wishing you every kindness. Take care TAD xx

  • I have read this several times and really cannot believe it, I am so sorry this has happened there are just no excuses. I think you and your wife really should be taking this further when you are feeling stronger.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

    polly xx

  • is it possible you needed the surgery but not for cancer? I think you need to clarify this with the surgeon...

  • Hi Gidge,

    I agree with you. No Surgeon, worth his salt, would remove a healthy lung. A visit to the GP in the first instance to find out the exact details is the best course of action.

    I do understand, however, that Ganza must be absolutely floored. Information from the GP first though.


  • That is awful. I think you need a written explanation. Could you involve PALS?

    Lynne xx

  • hi Lnne.u mentioned pals.thats wat 1 of my daughters have done/bout my ex gp.ignoring my xray of june last ok no action needed.wen action was needed.showed im moderate like you.there is just no need for sloppy medical work wats so ever.if you dont no something.u ask some1 who mite.its ok him saying .well u stopped smoking wont get worse.but if id known june it would have still been mild blf nurse told me that .the gps not all but some really are not fit to practise.u no since i was told about never heard of it.ive got loads of info of the internet.some good and i think some load scaremongers.and on this site its good.ppl say use watever.but if ur not sure seek medical advice.thats how it should be.with gps and hospitals.but alf ave a attitude problem.think they no it all.wen really some of us can learn them a few things .up and down the country its appening its a national scandal a shambles .take care

  • cant believe this either its simply shocking think you should have had more of an explanation

    take care of yourself.

  • Just terrible

  • Good god thats terrible.

    Kim xxx

  • OMG! Could not believe what I was reading! Awful. xxxx

  • mt god wat is the mecical profession coming really very sorry for u .i would honestly sue them to the high gp well ex now ignored my xray in showed copd.he said its ok no action needed.wen i rung 4 the results.come xmas i went down with chronic bronchitus,locum got me a scan it was there worse than june it was slight.i would have been ok just stop dead then smoking.i stopped smoking xmas wen i found out but to late am copd moderate now no thanks to ignorant ex gp.i pais 10pnd 4 for my med reports .thats wen i saw junes results.said slight highinfiltered 2 lungs.i ask a blf nurse she said ucan be mild 4 years yust stop cigs .i had never eard of copd.thanks to ex gp im moderate now.u take care and your family .and get a good brief and sue.sorry just doesnt cut anything with me.its just a word they use.they dont mean it.and they never learn.but i belive in karma .

  • I am so sorry that you have had to have a lung surgically removed - and I hope that you are soon up and about and on the mend. The Surgeon who removed your lung would do so only because there was something seriously wrong - he would not have removed it if it had been healthy. You should, before you begin a legal action, visit your GP to find out the exact reason for the removal of your lung.

    It is good news that histology showed that there was no cancer. That is really good news.

    I wish you well.


  • Hello Ganza,

    I forgot to say in my previous message that I had wedge sections of my left lung removed because there was a possibility that the 'nodules' which showed up on a scan were cancerous. It turned out that there was nothing sinister about the parts which were removed. I was so thankful that there was no indication of anything nasty. I did wish that I hadn't had to have the operation but if I had not had the op and the nodules were cancerous I would now be in serious trouble. It is only the histology which determines the state of the removed parts.

    It has now been a couple of days since your original message and I hope that you are feeling better after your experience.

    I wish you health and happiness


  • Hello Ganza

    It's been a few days since we heard from you.

    I hope that things are improving for you and that you have had a discussion with your GP about your operation.

    I wish you well


  • I can certainly imagine how angry and crushed you must be....but I would absolutely DO ANYTHING to have them call me up and tell me they were wrong, and I never had cancer. While devastating, consider it a gift of life. Enjoy every moment of it!!

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