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Cancer and COVID and COPD.

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I was inspired to write this reading "Superzob" post.

Like him I got COVID as did my wife Anne. No "doormats" though.

What I am going to write, you could not make, up.

I was due for Cancer op last week to see how various treatments had done for Bladder Cancer.

Two days before I got COVID as did Anne, not a clue how, I have missed one booster .

So I had to go for Echo heart scan as ordered by oncologist to see how my heart will cope with ops

I phoned two days ago and they gave me time to recover - But this morning I still had COVID, now 12 days. Heart people bent over backwards to help and given me a new appointment in 9 days.

The op that was cancelled, I waited 10 months for that and COVID ruined that. small matter these ops matter...

To COVID and COPD - I never thought I would get it but it's a horrid virus - I have never been out of breath so much in particular at night with a cough not unlike a COPD flare.

I got a full blown chest infection my GP gave me antibiotics and reception said I have to phone back up and I will be helped if worse. Not sure what that means.

Night time is worse, besides my breathing my anxiety level are high, at night.

I wonder what would have happened had I my booster but I had to delay because I was having immune treatment.

I like to paint pictures and post then on the net, not been able to do one . my main pass time.

My wife was free after 5 or 6 days -in truth i am no better and am praying I will be fit for my echo next week.

Don't be like me, miss no boosters but even so, I really been nowhere to catch COVID'

Covid and Cancer well cancer weakens, Covid and COPD a horrible mix.. Sorry for long winder post.

PS I have been helped for tests with hospital and GP and least I have somewhere to call/

33 Replies
Damon1864 profile image

I hope you are well enough to have your tests soon. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Damon1864

Thank you, at the moment I am in bed watching episodes of Blakes 7 - gonna try and paint a planet picture later, x

Digger0 profile image
Digger0 in reply to Ern007

Blakes 7 - an excellent choice. Hope you are on the mend soon.

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Digger0

Thank you Digger, sorry for late reply but been so lethargic. I have watched season 1-2 -3 and 4 episodes of season four, I tested negative Thursday, but still have loads of symptoms, I wear a mask everwhere from now on..

sassy59 profile image

Oh dear Ern what can I say? Covid is a nasty sneaky virus that seems hell bent on getting to us all. I’m so sorry it’s infected you and Ann and I really hope you recover in time for your echo next week. You’ve been through so much and are due better days ahead.

Take care dear friend. Thinking of you. Xxx❤️💜

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to sassy59

Thank you for your good wishes., I say it's sneaky, I never thought I would get it...x

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Ern007

Sorry for late reply. Thank you. I tested negative yesterday, had it for 14 days, horrible illness.

CDPO16 profile image

I hope that you soon begin to improve Ern and that your fortunes take a better turn. As sassy said, covid is a sneaky, nasty virus. Wishing you well and good news about your surgery soon. Best wishes, Carole xx

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to CDPO16

Sorry for late reply Carole - was negative from yesterday, it is sneaky, woke up my COPD. I am at least getting my echo on Wednsday for my pre op. when I am a bit better I will chase them up for new op date, x

peege profile image

I echo what Sassy says Ern. I'm so sorry to hear this, what a flipping shame.

Really the receptionist means (or should have) to call back if you're not loads better BEFORE the antibiotics are finished in case you need more of them. Please don't hesitate to ring will you!

Thinking of you , P

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to peege

Late reply sorry, really have been unwell, horrid illness - I am now negative and slowly improving. I have no antibiotics at moment, will have to get some Monday. I think Doxycycline is not as effective as it was, gonna request a change.

peege profile image
peege in reply to Ern007

gosh no need for apologies, pleaseput all your energies into your recovery Ern.

All the best,

Cloudancer profile image

Do so hope that you feel better soon.What a lot you have had to contend with.

Covid is still rife -despite being up to date with boosters I also tested positive this morning.

HollyBoyd profile image
HollyBoyd in reply to Cloudancer

So sorry you have tested positive to covid, Cloudancer. Do hope it is short lived and you are on the mend soon. Lots of good wishes xxx

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Cloudancer

Sorry for late reply. . just been so lethargic = I am at last negative but improvement is slow. Sorry to here you are positive, hope your symptoms are mild. Thank you for your kind wishes.

Cloudancer profile image
Cloudancer in reply to Ern007

Delighted to hear that you are feeling better.I think that I got run over by a steam roller whilst I wasn't looking...

battison profile image

I’m so sorry to read your post Ern. All thoughts and good wishes to you and your wife. I was jumping up and down last week as my husband who has severe COPD had completed Pulmonary Rehab and his recovery time on walking has halved. We hadn’t been out for two years! Then Sunday we tested positive for Covid. Feeling rough but not too bad. Doesn’t seem to have made breathing worse - yet. We were due to have boosters yesterday but of course we couldn’t. Just sitting in blankets taking paracetamol and drinking loads of vitamin C.

Covid is definitely rife. There’s no legal obligation to isolate anymore so people are walking about with it.

Do hope you feel better soon! You’ ve had a lot to deal with x

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to battison

Thank you and sorry for late reply. I am now negative but symptoms hanging on. I hope you are well soon. it's made my breathing more difficult at times but, not seemed to have altered my 02 levels. Thank god for that. Get well soon and don't rush at anything..

HollyBoyd profile image

Hi Ern. You really are having a tough time just now, one thing after another. Hopefully you will be clear of covid and get your echo next week. Wishing you all the best for ongoing treatment. Wonder if you got your painting finished? Take care xxx

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to HollyBoyd

Hi, Thank you. Hospital have been fantastic, I missed my appointment but they game me another for this week.. No I did not get my painting finished, I am going to do a little paining tonight.. x

Holiday12345 profile image

hope you feel much better soon. If you are using a blue medical mask for your hospital trips they’re not enough to protect against covid as they’re not fitted all the way round face and leak air in and out at the sides. If you can get a fpp2 or 3 mask with band that goes round the back of your head. 3M aura is good, I’ve been using a Cambridge mask with strap. I love it when I see my lung consultant and he has a super fitted fpp3 mask on instead of the blue one hanging under the nose or worse nothing. Wishing you all the best

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Holiday12345

Thank you - I am using a mask all the time now, I could not be doing with this again, I got a real shock I will try a new mask, the others slip of my nose.

Karenanne61 profile image

What a nightmare! I hope the blasted covid clears quickly and your tests can go ahead.

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Karenanne61

Thank you, lasted 14 days, I am now negative but still not right but, I can go for my re-arranged appointment this week..

Karenanne61 profile image
Karenanne61 in reply to Ern007

Good luck with your tests.

Patk1 profile image

Hppe u soon recover x

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Patk1

Thank you...

Superzob profile image

Sorry to hear you got the dreaded "doormat-disease" so badly. My wife can't seem to shake off her cough, though that's not really affecting me despite 3 lung conditions - doesn't make any sense!

We're also still testing positive, but haven't reached your 12 days yet (apparently, the average is 11 days so, hopefully, you should soon start seeing some signs of recovery). We've had to postpone our flu jabs, and will have to do so again if this carries on into next week.

We, too, have had to abandon doing things we usually enjoy. Haven't resorted to Blakes 7 yet, and Frozen Planet is probably not the best thing to watch when you feel shivery!

Looks like our lives are on hold for the moment and just hope that it doesn't stay that way too much longer.

I wish you all the very best.

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Superzob

Thank you Superzob - My wife shook it of in 6 days, mine took about 14 - I got a horrible cough and had to take Doxycycline - I can't describe how I felt, really nasty disease, Hope you are both fully recovered soon.

Nicholatracy profile image

stay strong and hoping you can get your tests soon 🐞🇬🇧

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Nicholatracy

Thank you, just gone negative so i can go for tests on Wednsday,

Alberta56 profile image

I hope your life soon takes an upturn. Best wishes. xxx

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Alberta56

Thank you Alberta56 for your kind wishes x

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