Dry Mouth

You all know my dad by now I'm sure and he is having major probs with a very dry mouth. This has been on-going for months now and he has tried various pastilles etc but nothing works. It is really causing him discomfort.

Our Gp has prescribed a mouth spray that I will pick up tomorrow for him but wondered or rather hoped that someone has a magic potion to help him please?

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  • Silly question from me Tanyamarie, but is your Dad a mouth or nose breather? I wake up with a very dry mouth and realise I have been sleeping with my mouth open instead of breathing through my nose! I had been taking some tablets for something (getting old so can't remember what for!) & I was prescribed some others suck to help with the dryness but after I finished the course I didn't bother repeating the prescription. Someone else suggested pineapple chunks.

    Hope the mouth spray works for him

  • nose breather in the day and maybe mouth at night, i'll have to ask. I'll mention the pineapple chunks----he hates pineapple with a vengeance tho lol!

  • does he also have dry eyes, like they have dust in them pricking?

  • he has had probs with his eyes for a couple of years now and absolutely nothing worked. he says they are so sore and irritating bless him.

  • Hi tanyamarie.

    I have both these problems, my eyes started seven years ago, the hospital eye dept said it is to do with arthritis, the only one that works for me, and I tried many, is hypermelose, it is the cheapest as well, but I get it from the dr.

    The dry mouth I have only had since I went on seretide and sprivia, and has already been mentioned, is pineapple chunks, but you can try it with any soft fruit, put the fruit on a cocktail stick wrap in cling film and put in the freezer, very refreshing.

    The mouth spray from the drs is good

  • he could have sjogrens, where bodily fluid dries up, it affects the mouth, eyes, and joints, my daughyters motherinlaw has it and has to carry a bottle of water round with her to keep sipping, and has to wear sunglasses as bright light makes her eyes sore. worth asking surely?

  • I have dry eye syndrome and have to wear sunglasses in bright sunshine. I also find my eyes get very soer as if they have got grit in them. I saw an eye specialist (opthamolagist?) and she suggested two things. Eye drops or the mist you spray on closed eyes, or placing a very hot face flannel on your closed eyes morning or night. She said it shoudl eb as hot as you can stand. This stimulates the glands in your eyelid. She recommended those bags of grain you can put in the microwave to heat up - I haven't got a microwave so I opt for the flannel. it really has worked a treat.

    Marie x

  • Hi Tanyamarie

    I have suffered with Sjogren's syndrome for many years ( own immune system attacks/dstroys your moisture producing glands - results in very dry eyes (no tears) and very limited saliva or thick sticky rope-like saliva. I have been prescribed Biotene mouth gel for a number of years - personally I found it much more helpful than pastilles which didn't work for me. My pharmacy says they have had problems with sourcing this in the last couple of months - I am in the midst of trying to find an alternative.I'm not sure if the problem of finding Biotene gel is local or nationwide.


  • Hi tanyamarie. My dad had this problem too. The gp prescribed 'artificial saliva' (eugh) which basically was a clear gel that we coul squidge into his mouth. We could also put it on his lips when they dried out. Would he suck lollies?? Lots of love xxx

  • Hi Tanya, I haven't read everyone elses comment and I know you work in a chemist but has your Dad tried the 'Dry Mouth Spray' ** Boots do their own brand but I am sure there are other options too.

    Eating live natural yoghurt every day may also be of help, I love Yeo Valley Yoghurt, its live organic yoghurt and has all the friendlies in, lots of flavours to choose from or you can just do the natural yoghurts, full fat, 0 fat, greek style or thick and creamy. Its excellent British yoghurt.**

    For the dry eyes Boots or most other chemists I believe do artificial tears, helped me a lot when I went through a dry eyes period. If he is getting dry eyes as well tho I would check with the optician to be sure his eyes are ok.

    in tiny tiny print.......

    ** I am speaking as a consumer and do not work for or have shares in the company etc etc etc. This applies to both Yeo yoghurts and Boots the Chemist ** ;) :D

  • PS the spray his doc has prescribed may well be the same thing as the Boots dry mouth spray, that may well do the trick, eating the live natural yoghurt is going to be a bonus either way, helping to soothe the mouth, epiglotis, entire digestive system etc.

  • I`ve had a very dry mouth for the last four years. It`s so bad I have to have a bottle of water at every telephone in the house so that I can answer. Also have to carry a bottle of water if I go out. I`m sure people think I`m drunk sometimes because my lips inside literally stick to my gums. I`ve had the mouth spray which only helps for a couple of minutes. I use chewing gum now. When I was in hospital in January I spoke to the consultant about it and he said it was the Spiriva I use that caused it. He didn`t say if there was an alternative I could have but I`m going to find out because I`m so sick of it. I do know how your Dad feels- it`s just another blooming thing to make life miserable. Regards, mskpjb (Sheila)

  • Pete has had dry mouth in the past and has tried the saline spray and a special dry mouth toothpaste from Boots. He is ok at the moment but sometimes wakes up with a mouth like the bottom of a bird cage! Hope something works for your dad and good luck to him and you. Take care. xxxx

  • Just remembered what Dad had - it was called Bioxtra and you could also get chewing gum that stimulates saliva production (Dad just had the gel, couldn't manage the gum).

  • I too take spiriva and seretide among other medication and have "dry mouth syndrome"I also have to carry bottle water wherever I go,also a packet of spearmint and a packet of mints.As for the eye problems I use Systane drops,they can be obtained on prescription.They work for me.hope this info helps.

  • Hi Tanyamarie

    I suffered with a horrbile dry mouth from Seretide and Spiriva until a dentist recommended Gengigel liquid oral rinse. It really works for me although expensive but I'm lucky that it's on my prescription. You can also buy a tube of gel as well.

  • you get a lemon syrup that he can put on his tongue . can't remember the name but they use it in hospitals

  • if you have double glazing you will get dry mouth with COPD I found after trying all kinds of thing a damp towel on the radiator at night helps

    you can only try

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