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Is my luck going to change (Ha ha ha)

I posted a blog the other day, wondering when my luck was going to change. It did today only for a couple of hours.

up this morning feeling great, steriods and antibiotics must be working, thats good I said. I decied to lay a bit of carpet up stairs.

Had my oxygen on a bit breathless bending down, but I forgot that the cataract they done in my left eye is good at distance, near sight crap.

Whilst using the Stanley knife with my right hand and holding the carpet with my left hand , you have guest whats coming next, knife with new blade slipped and took off the top of my thumb. because I am blood thinners bleeding like a stuffed pig.

Went to my neighbours hospital job again. Lucky enough with oxygen on my back waiting was 1 hour, looked at my oxygen it was just in the red. Hopefully I will not be long.

6 steri strips put on as I was lucky as although it was deep enough I did not take the top right off and the managed to put the flap down big banaged thumb, boo cannot hold any nails for a few days. I have to go to my practice nurse on Monday to get it checked out, that will be a laugh to go there and asked for an appointment that day.

Did my luck change yes said my wife your not laying any carpets for a few days when are you ever going to learn. Oh dear that is me put in her place and I forgot it was her birthday today as well. What next I ask my self waste of time checking the lottery numbers then.

Just cannot sit on my bum doing nothing xxx

Made me have a bit of a laugh after I was put in my place

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Oh no ouch! Hope it heals soon.


Thank you cofdrop, so do I I have a carpet to fininsh, not for a few days though. Will I learn Im to old to

I would think forgetting your wifes birthday was worse than cutting the top of your thumb off !

No wonder your lucks running thin. Learn to sit and do nothing, I've got the hang of it.

Libby x

After 40 years Married you would think I would remember. It used to be called having a Senior moment, now it is call CRAFT, Cannot remember a f.....g thing.. Thats my problem she will need to nail mys bum to the seat. As long as I look like a snail i.e. Oxygen bottle on the back and going the same speed , I will get on . Not for a few days as I cannot hold any nails . I did make my wives dinner though. Brownee points.

Thanks Libby xx

You were a Brownie Berwick? They wouldn't let me join !

So how did you do on the lottery ? Worth checking after all or same old...?

Just wait until your wife gets over her birthday meal and goes mad about you getting blood on the new stair carpet... ;-)

Def not a Brownie Gordon 57, wrong sex for starters at least you made me laugh.Already had GBH of the ear hole, Lol. Lottery forget it.

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