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Bad luck strikes again

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Hi everyone had a lovely time away at Center Parks good job took my electric wheelchair as needed it as do struggle with them hills.Yesterday was a bad day as James went to Sailsbury to get something and ended up in hospital he was doing so well after his stroke now he has fallen and broken femur and pelvis operating this morning so mum is very worried about him and it dosnt help being so far away and not being able to see him yet hoping they transfer him back to Poole so that it is easier for us to see him always something for us to worry about poor James. He hates hospitals like we all do

25 Replies
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Goodness, your family are getting bad luck by the bucketful at the moment. I hope Jame’s operation goes well. It will be a slow road to recovery. It’s good that you enjoyed Centre Parks but lucky you took your electric wheel chair. Please let us know how James gets on.

sassy59 profile image

Oh dear Pokermon I’m so sorry to hear about James. Wishing him a good recovery and hope he gets transferred.

So pleased you enjoyed Centre Parcs. Xxx

CDPO16 profile image

Oh poor James. I hope the surgery goes well and that he can be transferred to Poole when well enough. Best wishes to you all xx

cofdrop-UK profile image

Oh no so sorry to hear this lovely. Poor James. I hope all goes well and he will be back home soon.. glad you had a good time at Center Parks.


moogle profile image

don't know what to write ,, just posting to say I care. Most people hate hospitals, you never know when they will let you go again. hope everything 'normalises' again ... which is prob a daft thing to say. but it comes from love

crashdoll profile image

Oh I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had bad news in your family. I am wishing you all the best.Pleased to hear you enjoyed Center Parcs. I went a few years ago and loved it. Such a good holiday. Take good care.

Damon1864 profile image

I hope James will recover fast, and I really hope your luck turns for the better. Thinking of you all, have a lovely day and take care😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Jaybird19 profile image

so sorry tp hear about ames misfortune. hope you continue to enjoy your holiday at centre parks

Karenanne61 profile image

Oh no poor James! I hope the surgery has gone well and he makes a quick recovery.

Katinka46 profile image

So very sorry, dear Pokermon. Thoroughly miserable for all of you. Do hope things go better for you.

Lots if love

Kate xxx

peege profile image

Very sorry to hear this Pokermon and yes, really bad luck. Hope he recovers well and gets to Poole 🙏

SORRELHIPPO profile image

Fingers crossed for the surgery, hope he can be moved closer, as horrid being without some visitors.

watergazer profile image

Oh no. Poor James. I hope his surgery goes well and he can be move nearer to you and your mum. I’m glad you had a great holiday xx

Patk1 profile image

Hope operation goes well x

Caspiana profile image

Very sorry to hear this Pokermon. 😑 I hope the operation was a success and he can be back with you all soon. xx 🤗

johnderby profile image

Oh dear Pokermon! It does seem to be coming your way a bit lately. I hope they can soon transfer him nearer to him and that he recovers quickly. Keep pon smiling, if you can. Thinking of you. John xx

Cloudancer profile image

So sorry to hear this.Wishing a speedy recovery to James x

Ergendl profile image

Oh, dear! Praying James is now on the mend after his femur and pelvis operation. Also praying your family will have some better luck from now on. At least the electric wheelchair came into its own in Center Parks.

Tykelady profile image

I'm sorry to hear of the accident and as you say it seems much worse of you are some distance away. Hopefully things will start to improve. x

Izb1 profile image

Poor James, I do hope he recovers well and he gets transferred so you can see him x

Thepainterswife profile image

Oh no ! Poor James , I hope he’s transferred and improving very soon 🙏 Great that you enjoyed the centre park , We went to one years ago and really enjoyed it 😊

HollyBoyd profile image

Really sorry to hear this Pokerman. Hope the operation has gone well and James will be transferred to Poole, soon, so you can all visit him. So pleased you enjoyed your holiday at Centre Park. Take care xxx

Alberta56 profile image

So sorry to hear about James. Hope his op goes well. Glad you had a lovely time at Centre Parcs.

horseygirl_0103 profile image

Oh dear sorry to hear that .wishing him a speedy recovery of course

horseygirl_0103 profile image

oh dear sorry to hear that please keep us all updated about James if you wish

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