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update on my “ newly diagnosed post”

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hi guys

thought i’d update you on my follow appt with my Dr today after upsetting results of spirometry test i had last week .

to start with she has reassured me i’m not going to fall of the perch & die in the very near future due to only having 30% lung function, and that only natural progression of age over time will alter that !🙏🏼

she was happy enough with the results not to warrant a retest .👍

my oxygen levels have never gone below 95 ( i check daily) . 👌🏻

she has also put me on tablets for my anxiety which should also help the breathing .

she without doubt advises & has now put me forward for the rehabilitation course , i will benefit so much from it just as you guys have all told me & thankyou for that !

she has even told me that i can fly which would be great after not having a holiday for over 4yrs due to me looking after my elderly parents but forgot to ask if i would need a “fit to fly certificate” & not sure if i would even get insurance ? but that’s for another day it wouldn’t be happening until i’ve done this course anyway .

i’m so relieved and very grateful to you guys for originally giving me the guts & confidence to revisit the dr when my breathing deteriorated & for then picking me up after my results last week when i was feeling at my worst and giving me hope .

thankyou so so much !!!!!!

kaz xx 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

36 Replies
CDPO16 profile image

Nice to know that you got reassurance from your doctor and feel more cheerful. You shouldn't need a fit to fly certificate. That normally only applies to people who use oxygen.

Thanks for the update and the good news xx

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paco19613 in reply to CDPO16

no thankyou again x

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Excellent news, I hope Trimbow keeps you going as long as it has me. 😀x

paco19613 profile image
paco19613 in reply to Donald_1931

hi don trimbow seemed to stop working for me after 9 months that’s why i went for spiro test , nurse has started me on latest new one called trixeo so hoping that will help me in the mean time x

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Donald_1931 in reply to paco19613

Something seems to have prevented your lungs from getting any worse over those 9 months, or perhaps I misread your message. But most people try a number of inhalers before they find the one that suits them best. xx

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So pleased for you paco. 😊 Your doc has been very reassuring and positive. Good luck with your journey. Dawn. xx🥰

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paco19613 in reply to GD53

thanks dawn hopefully i’ll sleep better tonight x

GD53 profile image

YOU WILL xx 😌😌😴😴😴😴😴

teddyd profile image

Glad to hear you are much more positive and planning a holiday xx

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paco19613 in reply to teddyd

thankyou but i don’t think i’ll be booking one for a while just yet but it’s just nice to know that i can if i wanted to x

watergazer profile image

You sound much more positive now 👍. Always good to have a holiday to look forward too. X

paco19613 profile image
paco19613 in reply to watergazer

definitely thankyou x

Ficon profile image

Glad u went know it prob was scary to do but now u know what your limits are u know what u can do and can’t do so focus on the what u can dos take each day as it comes

Lfcpremier profile image

Onwards & upwards!Its easy to feel down with stuff going on, especially related to health. Glad you are able to see some light & feel more positive. Take care! X

Alberta56 profile image

Glad you're feeling better about it all. Go girl go!

B0xermad profile image

What a relief you will be able to carry on with life and visit your parents, there are some good insurance companies that are suitable for people with lung conditions I.e saga ,all clear and a few others .I managed to get a fit to fly from consultant/doctor and was OK to book a flight although costly on insurance due to being in hospital the month before .Good luck to you

Tykelady profile image

Lovely to hear how positive you feel this time. x

Izb1 profile image

All great news, you can now look forward to a well deserved holiday x

Karenanne61 profile image

That's really good news! I love my holidays so please be reassured that they can continue. We're going to Ibiza again this year. We have transport to and from the airport and assistance through the airport. The only concern my consultant has is infection so I just continue with careful hygiene. Insurance is pricey but for us it's worth it.🌞🏖

paco19613 profile image
paco19613 in reply to Karenanne61

it will be worth if thou x

gingermusic profile image

Oh wow what a wonderful change so glad to hear you sounding so much more positive. You will feel even more so after the pulmonary course. Best of luck have fun, best wishes Ruth

Bingo88 profile image

So pleased you are reassured and hope you can start enjoying life and holidays. Just try and keep as active and fit as possible and carry on doing the exercises you can after the Pulmonary rehabilitation course. Brian

paco19613 profile image
paco19613 in reply to Bingo88

i deffo will thanks brian x

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Hi good day to you i am 58 tracky in kneck ebuliser 4 time a day every time i go to see my consulant hes always saying the same thing i doing to pass way i been with him for 2013 / 2023 i still here my fluit only reads 280 every morning i fend that rehab only help so far after the 12 weeks it goes back to normal my breathing in witch it rough as i i am male 58 try if you live in uk try and ask local gym if they can help with any execises thats what i doing twice weekly all the best ghoust rider

muns profile image

what a lovely post! So pleased your visit to the Doctor was so positive and that you have been put forward for the rehabilitation course. Everyone is in the same boat on the course (some better some worse) but all in the same boat. I was slightly unsure going on my own to the first session, but was made to feel very welcome by everyone there. When you do start please let us all know how you get on!!

It’s onwards and upwards for you now 👍

paco19613 profile image
paco19613 in reply to muns

just hope it won’t be too long before i start , in the meantime i’ll try doing as much as i can myself x

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Timberman profile image

Almost all great news Paco! But 30% is what I have been for about two years now. I am 79 and if you take a look at my posts you will see I have a decent life. So chin up - fly!

paco19613 profile image
paco19613 in reply to Timberman

have been looking at all your post s and you’ve certainly been through the mill !!!! looks like you’ve stabilised now with your lung function but is that down to using oxygen everyday ? x

Timberman profile image
Timberman in reply to paco19613

Stable? Not really. The steady decline is noticeable to be honest. The O2 does help I think. But I am still suspicious that we become dependant on it. But I made it to 79 - can I honestly complain? Thanks for the kindly mail.

dunnellon profile image

Very happy for you!

Gladys27 profile image

Really pleased to read your post and even more pleased you are going to the the rehab - it really is worth it. Wishing you well and get those holiday brochures out xxxx

Oshgosh profile image

good luck with the Pulmonary Rehab x

horseygirl_0103 profile image

30%? wow that would be extremely dangerous if my levels went down to that -The very first hospital visit they went down to 40%

Youre welcome try to stay positve - take care

paco19613 profile image
paco19613 in reply to horseygirl_0103

that’s my lung function not oxygen levels

Homely2 profile image

I get the ferry from portsmouth to Spain or France when I want to go on holiday. I feel more in control that way. If you feel bad on a ferry you can just get a cabin and lie down for the journey.

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