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busy day!!

I have been to the hospital today to see a new consultant who is a specialist in non-specific and unexplained lung disease (think" House"!) . the diagnosis he has given me is Non Specific Interstitial Pneumonitus and he seems quite optimistic...although as he says there's no guarantees...but there never is!

He has started me on lots of drugs which hopefully will control my condition, although it cannot be reversed or cured. I think the next few months will be challenging as I have to ease onto one regime whilst gradually coming off the steroids. I will have to have regular lung function and blood tests. This all means lots of too-ing and fro-ing to Wythenshawe (Manchester, about an hour away if traffic behaves!).

both the doc and the specialist nurse were encouraging and positive and I think I will get along with both of them, a bonus as I will be spending a lot of time in their care.

I'm feeling shattered but a bit calmer in myself as was wondering what they were going to say and how bad it would be.....

we are thinking of booking a holiday cottage for half term...think my lads deserve a week off...hubby just needs to check his holidays...but hopefully we'll be off to Shropshire.

My eldest son, who has had a day off today has done loads of jobs for me, including ironing and cooking spoiled am I???

hope y'all are breathing easy,

Mrs Sxxx

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That sounds like very positive and encourage news Mrs S, I like the sound of your new consultant and the specialist nurse and its good to hear you are going to be well looked after and monitored as you try this new drug treatment. I am wishing for you some very positive results.

Its great your eldest son is doing lots of jobs for you, it takes a special man who will do the ironing and cooking. So I would say do you have a spare son you can send south for me ;) :)

Have a wonderful time in Shropshire.

All good wishes

Zoee x x


not sure I could spare any sons....but I'll keep you posted lol!!


Hi Mrs. S.

So pleased you have had some good news, I am sure you will be able to cope with the new regime you seems to be such a positive person.

What a wonderful family you have with your hubby and your boys you seem to have a fantastic relationship and so much support from them and that with their help your will soon be feeling much better.

Go for that holiday they say a change is as good as a rest.



You sure it isn't Dr House who has made your day, sounds all very positive, which even if they cannot change your condition much, just good to know that you have a supportive medical team. If I had a doctor like "House," I would be there like a shot, more chance of him working me out I think. So where are you considering visiting in Shropshire?

Hugs Daxie Mad


Unfortunately he doesnt look like Hugh Laurie lol!!

We are looking at a cottage in Clun about 13 miles from Ludlow


Always nice to think you have made a step forward and have a bit hope for some sort of improvement.


Good news :) x


I live on the Shropshire border. May I recommend trips to Ludlow, Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury. Probably in that order too.

Lynne x


Oh and if in Bridgnorth, there is a high town and a low town. Don't even think about walking from one to the other, but there is one of the oldest fernicular railways in the world between both for about 30p. Worth it! Also the cafe in the railway at the top is lovely.

If you want any more info, message me.

Lynne x


Ooo I love furnicular railways...I'm suck a geek lol!!! We have holiday'd in the area before so looking forward to re-visiting. Ludlow is lovely isn't it, don't think I've been to Bridgnorth though, so thanks for the tip!


Glad to hear your good news. :-)


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