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What a difference a day makes!

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Hi lung buddies. Just had to get away from it all for a ‘break’ 🤭after caring for Mum. Had a great weekend walking in the Yorkshire Dales but unfortunately on Sunday a silly little pothole on the road toppled me!

So broke my ankle in 2 places and my arm looks like a dogs bone😢

Cannot believe the hassle and upset this is going to cause. I was due to start back at work (part time) ...not happening😣

Mum was due to come home from respite ... not happening.

I was finally going to see my children... not happening !

So I’m back in lockdown/ grounded for 6 weeks+

I will have to stop this holiday malarkey 🤦🏼‍♀️

69 Replies
corriena profile image

What a pain. that looks like some impressive bruising you have thear. All you can do is rest and put your feet up so enjoy the rest and make the most of the weather 😎🌞⛱🥃 hopefully you will soon be up and about and well rested. Take care

Oshgosh profile image

Xx, sending you a gentle hug. XX

Gladwyn profile image

Oh heck, poor you! I feel so sorry for you. Hope you heal ASAP. 🍀🙏💐

Damon1864 profile image

So sorry to hear this, that picture of your leg looks nasty, I hope you aren't in to much pain bless you Try and have a good night and please take care will be thinking of you and sending lots of virtual hugs 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Maricopa profile image

That looks quite painful. My biggest worry is falling and incapacitating myself!!!

hypercat54 profile image

Oh dear Chris - you will have to stop this drinking you know and falling down potholes! :D

This sounds very painful and I hope you heal very soon. Hugs xxx

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to hypercat54

Was just on my way for a tipple when I had the topple. Had walking boots on! Sadly no tipple Bev 🤦‍♀️

Oh dear 🤕 I hope you feel better soon and make a good recovery. 💐

Spacecat1 profile image

Ouch. Keep that ankle rested and tale care. 🙂

Yatzy profile image

What a disaster! I know full well the need for a break from caring for your mum….respite is my dream that comes and goes, but never happens. The walk sounded great, in principle 😎

Rest now and get well, you have no choice. Maybe something good will come of your accident. Could prolonged respite care prove successful, at least to provide an escape break for the future??

Good luck for a successful recovery ❤️‍🩹 xx

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to Yatzy

It’s been Mums worst nightmare going into care but actually she’s enjoyed it up to yet and made new friends.

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madonbrew in reply to Kristicats

I used to work in a rest home and it was often how things were…people really didn’t want to come initially , but actually enjoyed the company and felt safe knowing there were people around 24/7 if they needed help etc after a couple of days. Bless her and you!

Yatzy profile image
Yatzy in reply to madonbrew

Very relieved to hear that, I think that’s where we go next, once Covid restrictions on visiting etc lifted and more humane xx

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to Yatzy

It really was like that mainly! Obviously there was the odd one that found it more difficult to settle but I think the feeling safe felt like it relief. …I’ve worked in a totally not posh, but homely home, and a much more up together home but much more clinical…I would always choose any day, homely above posh and clinical! 🥰 It’s not an easy decision but it’s not always so terrible as people imagine and can even be an enjoyable experience! It’s just finding the right place!

Yatzy profile image
Yatzy in reply to madonbrew

Yes, just finding the right place. Fingers crossed 🤞 Thanks for your very reassuring advice, Dee xx

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to madonbrew

Thank you .I managed to find one not too far away with a good CQC rating it’s very homely and the food and staff are amazing.

That's bad luck. Hope it's not too painful for you. Wish you a speedy recovery.

sassy59 profile image

Oh Christi, you took having a “break” a little too literally it seems! How awful for you and now all your plans are in ruins.

Take care dear lady, let yourself heal and don’t fall over the cats.

Love and hugs, Carole xxx🤗🌻🍇🌺

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to sassy59

The cars won’t come anywhere near me Carole not sure if it’s because I’ve been away or it’s the boot and stick🤷‍♀️

sassy59 profile image
sassy59 in reply to Kristicats

Phew! Thinking of you, take care xxxx🧡

Oh dear, that is monster bad luck affecting so many things and people. Still perhaps your body needed a six week rest and saw that pot-hole as a golden opportunity? Take advantage. 🤷🏽‍♂️😘🐈‍⬛Don & Puss

madonbrew profile image

Oh no dear Christi! That looks very painful! I’m really sorry! Goodness, you have so much going on this year! The Dales and a break sounded like a great idea….minus the potholes! I’m really sorry you won’t see your children for a bit longer! And about your return to work. Sometimes I think these things happen for a reason…to make us rest more or something! I dunno but I hope it’s not long before you’re feeling better!

You wouldn’t believe it either… I walked straight into my bedroom doorframe the other day too and have a good bruiser on my head

Bruise on head
sassy59 profile image
sassy59 in reply to madonbrew

Ouch Dee! Xxx

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to sassy59

Was my own silly fault…I turned one step too soon into my bedroom! 🤦‍♀️ Think I was just a bit overtired too looking after my mum.

sassy59 profile image
sassy59 in reply to madonbrew

Take care Dee. Thinking of you. ❤️💜💖👍

Yatzy profile image
Yatzy in reply to madonbrew

I did something similar while exhausted from looking after my mum, Dee….Ouch! I took a short trip out to a garden centre, thought I’d plant a new plant in my new little garden….something different to think about. It was a dark, rainy day but I’d set my heart on going. As I bent over the wet bags of compost, looking for the best bargain (of course!) with the hood in my jacket pulled up, I suddenly bumped my face on an ‘invisible’ bar of grey scaffolding that jumped out at me….blended with the sky so well that day. The pain as it bashed my nose was unbelievable, I had to drop down onto the wet bags and sob for a while! Reached up to my wet face with a tissue for my eyes…..time to go home….and found my nose was pouring with blood. Somehow showed how I felt!!My nose was big blue, then purple, then red for a week. Oh dear! Better now though…..hope you’re better soon too, and find some relaxation somewhere too. My plants look pretty now they’re eventually in the garden!! Penny 🌸🌼🌸

Alberta56 profile image
Alberta56 in reply to Yatzy

Oh dear- have you offended some god or other?

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to Yatzy

Oh bless you Penny! That sounds horrible! It’s so quick too isn’t it that we do these things! I hope it’s feeling better now! I’m glad your plants are looking pretty now 🌸🌺🌸

…I’m grateful it wasn’t my nose…I’m sure I would have broken it!

Sending you love 💕 and hugs 🤗

Dee x

Yatzy profile image
Yatzy in reply to madonbrew

Yes it was very quick, Dee, which added to the shock. Just a careless moment but we sometimes get very low in energy don’t we….mental and physical?I wondered whether I’d broken my nose, but decided just bruised, and as it healed, I think I proved that.

Love and hugs 🥰 🤗 very gratefully received and more sent back to you. Stay strong, mostly anyway 🙂

Penny xx

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madonbrew in reply to Yatzy


Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to madonbrew

Just saying to my sister the day before it happened that I seem to be more clumsy than usual. But said to her I find as I’m getting older I am more careful on rough ground ( says she)🙄 hope your head is ok.

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to Kristicats

Its always the way isn’t it! We just say something, then wham! I really hope it doesn’t take too long to heal properly! My head is fine…lol, I did it on my sisters 50th birthday when we were going out for a lovely meal in the evening! The egg head look went well with my dress 👗🤦‍♀️

katieoxo60 profile image
katieoxo60 in reply to madonbrew

Hope you soon recover from your mishap, I had two near misses yesterday due to faulty pavements on the journey to solicitors to verify my ID to move house. Best wishes do take care x

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to katieoxo60

Oh no, these dodgy pavements aren’t good are they! I hope your house move situation is going ok now Katie!

You take care too!

Dee x

katieoxo60 profile image
katieoxo60 in reply to madonbrew

The house move is still a pain but we are getting there as they say, least ways I hope so. thanks for asking xx take care

shouty profile image
shouty in reply to madonbrew

Oh Dee Ouch ! 😔

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to shouty

Was a bit 😂

Alberta56 profile image
Alberta56 in reply to madonbrew

Lots of sympathy. It sounds as if you need a break, but perhaps not in the dales.💓💓💓xxx

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to Alberta56

Thank you 😊

Hellodolly profile image

Oh no! So sorry. Get well soon. 🌈🌸🌺🌷

Snackjack profile image

That looks and sounds painful but you haven't lost your sense of humour, hopefully that will keep you going over the next 6 weeks. You have taken having a "break" just that one step to far though 😊😊. Feet up, rest and chill, give the ankle a chance to heal, enjoy the sunshine. Please take care. Best wishes. xx

B0xermad profile image

Oh no you poor woman as if being in lockdown wasn't bad enough before,I do hope you recover quickly and are not in too much pain. Sending best wishes your way ❤️

helenlw7 profile image

Oh no! Who’d believe how much trouble a pot hole could cause! I hope your six weeks of imprisonment passes quickly! Sending gentle hugs.

Carnival567 profile image

Poor you, I hope it improves soon. All the best x

Suzie42 profile image

What bad luck for you.....poor thing. At least you will get more rest, but who will look after you? I hope you are in less pain really soon. 🤗🤗

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to Suzie42

I’m ok on my own . Will continue shopping online. Not driving or seeing kids and mum is the hardest.

Suzie42 profile image
Suzie42 in reply to Kristicats

Take care x

Croydonia profile image

Poor you Chriskho, hope you’ll be able to be up and around soon!

SquirrelsHolt profile image

Hi there Kristicats and my goodness, haven't you been busy. Tripping,.slipping breaking- all in a day's work eh?⚠️⚠️⚠️.Now it's ankle up, rest and gather the non-bruised parts, in the hope that these can "take the strain"(never liked the sound of that lol😂). You may find after a couple of weeks , that you'll be over the worst and well on the road to recovery . Keep us posted and a gentle hug is on it's way to you now🐿🌈😷.

teenieleek profile image

What a pain, literally! I know the feeling. It’s the dawning realisation of how many things are affected by the few seconds it takes to break a bone. Did the hospital not give you a boot? I’m at three months after breaking my shoulder and I still can’t easily open or close the car door once I’m in it. Hope your ankle heals well and hope you’ve more patience than I have!

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to teenieleek

Yes I have the good old nhs black boot of the thousand straps. Hope your shoulder starts calming down soon. Shoulders take about 4 months and lots of gentle exercise. Take care.

Thepainterswife profile image

Ouch 😩 that was more of a break than you planned ! Hope you make a quick recovery and get to see your mum and children soon x

tomc profile image

Out of one hole and into another! hope you Make a full recovery and get your pain free mobility back.

katieoxo60 profile image

Sorry to hear your well earned break resulted in such a disaster for you. Hope you are not in too much pain , but appreciate broken bones really do hurt as my experience as made me aware. The bruising takes a long time to disappear after too, but at least it makes people aware of a bad injury. Speaking from experience what you need now is a nice au pair to wait on you for a change , at least your mum was in respite so she will have to stay put a little longer. Plus after the six weeks you will no doubt need physio, so for now take all the time you have to rest and recoup both your physical and emotional health as these things knock our confidence . Wishing you a steady recovery as these things take time. Stay safe, keep well and take care. But try to have a laugh now and then will be thinking of you .

shouty profile image

Oh no that's just so unfair 😕

Sending healing vibes ~~~~~

skischool profile image

I must say Chris that I am extremely impressed by the size of your peas!Did you get them from A&E and are you sat at home plastered?

Anyway I hope the swelling goes down quickly and you feel more comfortable and happea 🙂

Get better soon.

Love Skis and Scruffs 🙃😻x

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to skischool

Always got emergency peas. Just having a rest from the boot. May get plastered tomorrow

HollyBoyd profile image

Sending my good wishes for a speedy recovery. Get some rest whilst you can xxx🤗

O2Trees profile image

Thinking about you Christi. I broke my ankle several years running but yours sounds worse than mine with the two brakes. Surprised you dont have a cast - mine would help me feel secure especially when I started walking which I think was after three weeks. But thinking changes so much. Sorry this has happened especially after such a lovely weekend. Hoping you heal well and asap. xx

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to O2Trees

Will go to fracture clinic tomorrow . Not sure what they will do. Thanks

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to Kristicats

Hope fracture clinic goes ok!

Sorry for rambling on within your post!

Dedalus profile image

Oh my goodness - that looks very painful - really sucks, especially not getting to see your children. As there's nothing that can be done, just try to relax and enjoy what you can. I hope your ankle/other injuries will be more comfortable soon.

Izb1 profile image

Aaaw! that doesn 't look too good, don't they plaster it ? You will just have to rest it up, poor you, hope you feel better soon x

Bluenotes profile image

Poor you . Not a lot of fun as must be very painful . Hope you manage ok . Take more care 😥😥.

Alberta56 profile image

Oh how sad. I hope you are soon feeling better. The holiday sounds good. have you got some photos to look over while you convalesce.

watergazer profile image

Oh my and ouch 🤕!! Gosh that looks painful. I’m catching up so maybe you’re plastered by now Glad you enjoyed most of your time away. I too am becoming more clumsy but I think it’s because I get tired easily. I had a nasty fall 3 weeks ago 🤞no broken bones but that was my first thought as I hit the deck. Bruised ribs , leg and shoulder which brought on a touch of pleura during chest infection. Enjoy your extra rest. Time will pass and you’ll soon be with your mum and hopefully see your children. Sending hugs 🤗🤗

Solily profile image

Oh... I feel so sorry for you. Hope your pain is being controlled. Please rest and have a full and quick recovery. Sending positive and healing vibes to you!!🤗

Ergendl profile image

Oh no! Get well soon.

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