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Challenge test booked for Tuesday

Eventually got appointment for challenge test which will apparently tell me if I have asthma or not. Off inhalers until Tuesday. Feeling anxious about how I will feel during the test but also hoping this test will help with my diagnoses. Anyone here have the challenge test done, how did it go?? Been diagnosed with bronchiticas but specialist feel it's not 100% cause of my symptoms. On antibiotics for past 5 months, steride, singluair, spiriva, and still not well, especially after exercise. Bad chest infection again before Christmas.

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I did something called a Manitol challenge test, I don't know if that's the same? Anyway mine was fine, the manitol has a funny sweet taste and makes you cough a little but it soon goes. It's the best test to see what's happening somits good your doing it.


Hi yes this is the same test, will let you know how it goes.



Hope it goes OK today, Mellypad. Do let us know what happened.


Had my challenge test done, and the technician doing it said to me that I do have Asthma, after 7 years nearly of been told that they don't think i have asthma. My appointment with the specialist isn't until the 26th March, and he is aware of my results, but hasn't moved my appointment. Not sure what the next step is, cause I'm on the highest of inhalers, I take Steride 500 twice a day, Spirivia 2 puffs a day, Singluair one at night, and the antibiotic once a day. And I'm still breathless and struggling with exercise. At this stage I am really fed up, and worry that they won't come up with anything else. It is so hard as I worry every day, and hate that I can't do exercise or normal things like everyone else. especially when they haven't really come up with a reason for it. I have 100% lung function, so I really don't know. Would appreciate any advice!!!


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