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Panoramic test for anti virals

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Hi, 4jabs and shielded for 2 years but then my husband caught covid. I tested negative 1 day and positive the next. My GP said I probably wouldn’t be eligible for anti- virals, that there are no respiratory conditions on the list, but she’d put me forward anyway. I then had an email asking if wanted to take part in the Panoramic test for home anti virals so I’ve signed up.

I know some members have registered with them before but has anyone actually taken part? I’m aware that as a double blind test I could receive a placebo but has it helped anyone?

I’m very achy and tired, coughing a bit and wheezy. My respiratory consultant had told me, if I catch it, to start my prednisolone so I’m doing that at 40mg pd. My husband’s symptoms have been worse than mine, raging sore throat and loss of taste ( he only had 3 jabs) so maybe the 4th jab has helped. I definitely don’t want to be back in hospital with this!

Take care all.

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I think that you need to talk to your respiratory consultant regarding anti virals, especially as you have had four jabs which means that you have been recognised as vulnerable due to immune system problems.You may know that my GP has been refusing to arrange for me to have a second booster despite bronch and heart conditions. Also, it seemed, according to them that my only chance of getting anti virals was the panoramic study.

I discussed this with my resp con who described it all as a dog’s breakfast. Many doctors are just confused by the information on eligibility for vax and anti virals from the JCVI which is contradictory. Most medics only read the first part which restricts them to immuno compromised ( whether with lung disease or any other) but further in it says that a prescriber can decide on giving anti virals if the patient is at risk of an underlying condition being exacerbated by Covid-19 or at risk of being seriously ill if they have Covid-19. Most of them don’t bother to read that far.

Going back to your consultant- yesterday I received a copy of the letter written to my GP on April 1 after a face to face with mine.

In the letter she says

‘Please register her for antivirals/access to CMDU.

Suggest she has her next covid vaccine now’

He has ignored this for almost a month and continued to block me getting the vaccine. I have drawn his attention to it and will begin a formal complaint if he doesn’t follow her instructions now.

As your GP seems confused it would be agood idea to ask your consultant to put them right on the antivirals.

To be fair, my GP said she was putting me forward for anti-virals anyway, despite her believing I wouldn’t be accepted. I have bronchiectasis and asthma and am 65. She arranged for my 4th jab in March. It’s terrible that your GP is stalling on yours.

Could your Resp con help?

Take care


Having qualified for a fourth jab you should automatically qualify for antivirals. I hope that they get off their backsides and give them to you within the time limitation

My cardiologist has agreed to write a letter which I should get next week. He is astounded at these refusals.

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sassy59 in reply to Littlepom

Excellent reply Littlepom and still remaining positive on your behalf. Your GP needs telling. Xxx💕💪🏻

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Littlepom in reply to sassy59

Thank you. I am spitting barbed wire!

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sassy59 in reply to Littlepom

I can imagine. Do complain dear friend. Thinking of you. Xxx💕

I’m not surprised! Hope you succeed. Take care xx

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Otto11 in reply to Littlepom

Hi sorry to but in but I’ve had a bit of a saga trying to get my 5th vaccination which is now overdue( I’m immunosuppressed & get an extra one) I had letters for all 4 but not this latest one. Someone on the RA group im in suggested to go to NHS website & it should let you book one. I’d exhausted all avenues at this point so I did this & it worked so am booked in next week. X

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Littlepom in reply to Otto11

Take all of your previous letters with you in case they ask for proof that you are eligible. From what I am hearing the staff at the centres are far more accomodating than the GPs and NHS admin. If you can get a letter from your RA con that wd be even better.

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Otto11 in reply to Littlepom

Thanks. I’ve got my letters from Rheumy team regarding Eligibility for 3rd & 4th vaccines. But not for this next one. I will see what happens. I’m annoyed at myself as had an appointment 3 weeks ago with Rheumy consultant & forgot to ask.

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Littlepom in reply to Otto11

I think taking your letters for 4th vaccine will probably be ok. If you were eligible for 4th, you will be eligible for spring booster.

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Otto11 in reply to Littlepom

Yes thanks that’s what I thought x

Hoping you get the anti virals and that you and your hubby feel better soon. Take care xxxx👍💙

Wishing you a speedy recovery x

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