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Oxygen and100 yard challenge

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A little history. My resting oxygen was 95, my Fev1 30%, I stayed at that level for a good couple of years. 2020 I suffered from a bad flare up and was in hospital for 16 days.

I didn't really recover and despite trying to get help and failing (no surprise with the covid crisis) I became so ill I had to have a home visit from a doctor. Back in hospital a mucus sample had been taken because I begged for it. I told the doctor that my antibiotics didn't seem to be coping with infection, a mucus sample proved I had the same bug in my lungs. So a year with a lurking infection.

New antibiotics were found, not easy as I'm allergic to some.

I was told it had been suggested I was assessed for ambient oxygen therapy. As my oxygen level at rest rarely made it to 90, dropped drastically as soon as I moved and my Fev1 was at 26% that seemed fairly urgent.

A nurse came to assess me in early March (18 months from when it was first suggested) but delayed prescribing oxygen as she thought my swollen legs were caused by heart problems and that I was almost hyperventilating.

Friday 6th of May she assessed me again and this time said yes to the oxygen. Phew!

The oxygen (some of it) arrived Saturday. (the rest came Monday and Tuesday (shortages).

So starting on Sunday I set myself a target, Using my rollator and oxygen I'm going out and walking the length of the block of houses and back every day. 105 yards including my garden path. If the weather is really wet I'll stay in and tackle the stairs because my feet are still swollen so I'm wearing slippers!

For 18 months I've struggled to walk to the loo and back so 100 yards is like a marathon. By the end my heart pounds and my lungs feel like I've been running a long distance race. I'm hoping the walk will get quicker and easier.

I'm still doing a little gentle armchair exercise on and off throughout the day.

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Wow… What a difficult time you are having. Thank you for telling us about it. And I am soooo impressed by your determination. Huge congratulations for setting yourself your challenge. But be gentle with yourself. Is there a respiratory physio you can talk to about it? All the best xxxx

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wheezyof in reply to Katinka46

Everything has to go through the overworked GP so I'm working from the exercise sheets handed out at pulmonary rehab years back. Thanks for caring xx

All credit to you.it should get easier.but have u considered starting with 50yards thn add on 10 whn is bit easier xx

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wheezyof in reply to Patk1

I take my mobile phone tucked in the oxygen holder. If I need to sit I will. I can call my husband out to help if I get stuck. I think he peeks out to make sure I'm okay. Thanks for caring xx

So sorry your having such a bad time …. But so pleased your fighting back 👏Don’t be to hard on yourself and don’t rush it , small steps will lead to bigger ones. I came out of hospital six years ago on oxygen they fitted it in my bedroom an in the lounge, I thought this was my lot but after a little while I started fighting back changed my diet went little walks increasing slowly to my Drs amazement I eventually came off the oxygen. I live a normal life as possible few hiccups along the way, but it can be done don’t give up , just pace yourself and hopefully you will win. 🤞Do keep us updated as to how your doing. Peg xxx

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wheezyof in reply to pegbl

Wow! You are amazing. I hope I can improve too but I don't think I'll ever be without oxygen as my lungs are so damaged. Any tips appreciated xx

Just want to wish you all the very best with your walking and exercise wheezyof. Sorry things haven’t be good for you in recent times but hoping you will see some improvement.Thinking of you. Xxx💕

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wheezyof in reply to sassy59

Thanks for your support. xx

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Hi good for you but it has taken you a lpng time to get there because of COVID-19. I hope it gets easier as you go along because you certainly deserve it Have a lovely day and please keep us updated take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻 p

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wheezyof in reply to Damon1864

Covid caused so many problems. Mine is small compared to the problems and workload covid caused the NHS workers. Thanks for your support xx

I was prescribed oxygen 2020 during Lockdown, my lack of excercise caused my Breathing to get worse. I had the man from the oxygen supplier to fit a longer tube on the concentrator so I could walk around the house without having to endure carrying the tank.

On fine days I would walk around the decking,slowly and only once or twice at first.

It was like a scene from the film "Twice around the Daffodils "where the patients in a hospital had to do this walk before being discharged. Mine was twice around the Decking lol

I persevered adding an extra length each day. This increased my mobility and my breathing got better.

I am pleased to say I am now off oxygen altogether ,proving we can improve our condition with excercise.

I wish you luck and hope feel better soon

XxSheila 👍💕💕

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wheezyof in reply to garshe

What a fantastic result. I doubt I'll manage to get off oxygen as I have a lot of scarring caused by small airways disease as well as bronchiectasis. Taking my cue from people like yourself I'm determined to improve as much as I can xxx

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garshe in reply to wheezyof

You will get thete. As the saying goes ,see it hold it and it will come true. All from The Secret . Xx💕💕SHEILA

Hi wheezyof. It's good that you have been prescribed oxygen as you can now start to exercise and improve your fitness levels. I admire your determination and setting goals is a great way to challenge yourself. Wishing you all the best and do let us know how things go for you xxx😊

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wheezyof in reply to HollyBoyd

Thank you for your encouragement. Yesterday's walk did seem a wee bit easier. I'm going to keep trying xxx

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HollyBoyd in reply to wheezyof

Great attitude xxx

Good luck wheezyof. You must be very determined to set yourself such a challenge. I bet you succeed in the end, just because you are so determined. xxx

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wheezyof in reply to Alberta56

Thank you, yes I want to get as well as I can. For over 18 months I've struggled to walk the few yards to the loo and back. When I'm better at walking and used to coping with the oxygen I plan to make my husband a cuppa! It may not seem much but as my carer he has done a lot for m. I've felt useless for too long. So "Up n at 'em" time to get some life back. xxx

A small cuppa for your husband, a great step for you! 🎆🎆✨✨!

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