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Positive covid test

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I have asthma and bronchietasis and tested positive for covid. What have others done ? I have a rescue pack. Have others started it right away or wait and see how it pans out? Appreciate other peoples experiences. Thank you in advance.

24 Replies
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I was diagnosed with Covid on Friday 😢. Because I was diagnosed whilst in hospital the results were known to NHS straight away. As such I received a phone call to advise am eligible for antivirals. Have you contacted 111 to see if you are eligible? I am taking the antivirals but haven’t started my rescue pack. Waiting to see if I get worse. If I do I won’t hesitate to take rescue pack.

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Tykelady in reply to Bevvy

Do you feel that the antivirals are doing what they are supposed to do?

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Bevvy in reply to Tykelady

Hard to say. I am feeling pretty rubbish and can’t taste anything but don’t seem to be getting any worse so…….

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Hi I had COVID this time last year I got a call from my council to see if I was ok and if I need anything I was really bad my partner and my son was going to call a ambulance I was very bad with my cough and my breathing but I got over that in a couple of days then my other son got it . Phone up 111 for advice they were good given me advice just before I had COVID I had a fall in the house .I had to stay in the hospital and when I was in a old wee lady had it in ward and I had another test done in there and I was fine .

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I hope you are not too badly affected. When I had it I was not bad enough to need my rescue pack, but I'm sure Bevvy's right; you have to see how it goes. Good luck.

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Not medically qualified. I had covid last February, I didn't feel I needed my rescue pack. I'm just getting over an exacerbation/chest infection but haven't taken my pack either. I don't know whether it's right or wrong but I prefer to see if my own immune system can fight it first.

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Tykelady in reply to Karenanne61

I'm with you on that and yet after my last visit to A&E the doctor said start the pack immediately. Im sure we know how bad we feel and can judge accordingly.

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Karenanne61 in reply to Tykelady

We can only do what we feel is best for us. I am also concerned that if I use my pack I won't get another one as it seems a lot of gps are no longer issuing them. Trying to get through to my surgery is nigh on impossible.

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Stratos20 in reply to Karenanne61

Totally agree with you K61. Self management is the key 👌🏼. All good wishes to you, Diane 😊

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Perhaps ring 111for advice

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Thank you everyone for your advice and suggestions xx

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I had COVID about 6 weeks ago. Apart from some fatigue it was no worse than a mild cold.However, I have since caught the other awful unnamed virus that is doing the rounds and it has been much worse. For this one, I am on prednisolone and antibiotics and the actual chest infection component seems to getting better but the breathlessness and fatigue have been bad. It's like COVID but doesn't show up on LFT.

So, personally, I would see how you feel. If you think you need your rescue pack, go for it, but if you don't feel too bad, maybe hang on in case you need it in a few weeks time.

Best advice has already been given which is to check with the medics.

I hope you're not too bad with it and soon feel better.

Xx Moy

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Patk1 in reply to MoyB

Yes both the cold and flu this year are affecting even healthy people q badly + the viral coughs can linger xx

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Register your positive result with the NHS as you may be eligible for antivirals. Hope you're soon on the mend.

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I am still positive day 7 after testing I was given antivirals as I notified gov.uk and the courier antivirals over.was told not to take antibiotics as I had had 3 lots and pred recently.

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Hi, I had covid not long ago and was advised by respiratory nurse not to take rescue pack. I wasn't too bad but did have very thick phlegm for a while afterwards.

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do not start your rescue pack.As clinically vulnerable you should have been sent pcr test in post,do test,post then they will be in touch with you to start anti viruals .my result came back to late and as i was on the mend they would not send me any due to the side effects.My sister took them with no side effects .Hope you are not to ill

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Plenty of good advice here.Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

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I think it all depends on how you are doing. I wasn’t as ill as my husband when I got it and he doesn’t have respiratory problems. I have asthma/ bronchiectasis. I was really tired so slept more than usual. Xx🤗

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I have severe asthma and bronchiecstasis. I caught Covid in April and reported my LFT results to the NHS. Then I did a PCR test and was told I was eligible for antivirals. Because my chest sounded so bad when I spoke to the dr I was told it would be an infusion, the results were really good. Although I tested positive for 13 days, my breathing didn’t get any worse.

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How are you doing now? Did you start your meds in the end? Xx Moy

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teddyd in reply to MoyB

I wasnt as unwell as I thought I would be, so didnt use my rescue pack.

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Glad to hear you haven't been too bad. Hope you make a full recovery now. Watch out for this other virus, though. It's knocked us both for six over Christmas.

Happy New year to you. Xx Moy I

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