Jab jab

I am nervous about the flu shot after being so sick up to last week! Since the saline nebules the sputum has gone from looking infectious to clearish through out the day. It's just the mornings that I think "has this not gone?" On the news tonight they are trying to put the fear of God into us by saying this years flu is very bad!

Does anyone have words of wisdom? Should I just do it? What are the reprecussions?

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  • Just got my flu pop today and would fear not getting it. Need all thee protection I can get. Just my opinion, though. Good luck with whatever choice.

  • Thank you💙

  • No wonder you're still awake. You're west coast time. Ha, 3 hours behind or 21 ahead of me. I'm in the southeast, in North Carolina, US. You are in the great Northwest. My daughter spent time at Orcas Island this summer.

  • Hey mellyme ☺ yes in North Vancouver! What was she doing in our neck of the woods? Did she enjoy the wet coast?

  • Im a night owl

  • I am on weekends too.:)

  • OMG, she adored it. She was visiting with her grandmother from stepmom's side. Stepgrandma has a cousin living there. She loved it and is already begging grandma for a trip next August. She loved the fish and people and whale watching and kayaking. I have always heard of the wonderful people in the great NW.

  • Hey Melly me ... good to hear from you. Yeah we do live in a beautiful part of the country. But then so do you! My daughter lived in Raleigh North Carolina with some guy she met online, that did not last long thank God. At any rate I'm so glad your daughter loved it, how old is she? We have so much to be thankful for here. But there's a problem and it's with every single ocean that's out there, we are very polluted with plastics. It's getting into our shellfish and probably our fish as well. I am trying to stay clear of plastics it's really hard. But I am certainly aware of it. I just bought some covers made from Silicon that stretch over whatever it is you're trying to cover up. I also recycle as much as I possibly can. We all have to do our part don't we? Hope you're well today. Take care. Lindyloo

  • Good day to you, dear Lindyloo. Ah, Raleigh is a fantastic town. I have visited several times. Ha, the online debacle for daughter was sad. Maybe she should have tried Cleveland (you know I'm joking). I have a 28 year old daughter in San Fran and 11 year old Orcas traveler with me. Yes, a long wait between them and I'm baffled most of the time. Too old for her upcoming teen devil years and hoping this stuff lets me stick around to see her move away from Raleigh or Cleveland or the state of Mississippi.(that was random).

    Have the best eve ever until the better one tomorrow.



  • Hi M

    Well so far so good my breathing is pretty good I don't have any side effects from the flu shot. I'm not quite understanding your email. Do you have a daughter who is 11 and 1 whose 28? That's a long ways to wait for the 11 year old! Oh wait until she gets to be 15. Those were hellish years! I have two daughters one was a little bit rebellious the other one not so much. The other one I call my best friend one who is rebellious is 45 years of age and still rebellious in her own way. I won't get into it because it just dredges up all these hurt feelings. And it's just not worth it for me to get all stressed out and worried about what I can't change. So I hope your day is going great and that you're not struggling to catch a breath. Have a good one cheerio!

  • I truly hope your breathing is good today. Yes, my younger is 11. Took a 17 year respite. Don't ask....:)

  • Haha okay I won't ask. I can only guess and surmise right? Yeah my breathing is excellent today I feel like I've walked through the valley of the shadow of death now I've come out of it Victorious! It's been raining all week and you know as well as I do that breathing dampness is like hell for us but I just been keeping warm and in side and doing a bit of artwork here in there and the piece that I get from painting is amazing. Are you working? I am so not working but when things kind of got bad I stopped and took up silversmithing. I am still trying to get rid of all of these silver in the jewelry and everything because I just can't afford it. So I have about 7 shows to do and then I have to really think about what I'm going to be doing and how I'm going to sell it off. Probably on Etsy with 5 million other Jewelers. LOL oh well best laid plans... I hope you're okay and I'm wondering did you get your flu shot? As for your 11 year old you tell her the orcas and the spirit bears are still here waiting for her😊 🐾🐾

  • Indeed I had my jab last Tuesday. Perfect timing. Yes, I am luckily still working. I teach History to some teenagers, grades 8-12. I really enjoy it but don't know how much longer I can. It is a battle of keeping wind when I lecture. I have my coughing seasons which can be strange in class, but no one has asked the pertinent questions. I am grateful to still be working. Our principal has asked a few times if my 'allergies' ever end. Oh, tee hee you're so funny boss. Ah, life...

    I love that you do the silver and painting. Wow. I hope you can unload it for what it is worth (or more). :)

    Have a beautiful eve my friend. Sleep tight and breathe loose. :)

  • Well I applaud you for getting up and going to work every single day. Especially if you're not feeling well I know how that feels. I never really did a job that I loved I got stuck in jobs that were less artistic and more menial I guess you could say. Working in a bank, working as a home care support worker that kind of stuff. I got to the point where I thought what the heck am I doing on my hands and knees washing someone else's floor for $15 an hour or I could be charging 35 on my own. I had two kids to raise and sure needed the cash! As for my silver I love doing it but really it's so expensive to buy not to mention the stones that I'm kind of thinking I need to just sell it all off tools and everything. Well most of my tools. I'm one of these people that love tools and see the complete use for them! Anyways what's the weather like over there I guess it's pretty much the same as it is here only maybe not so much rain. It actually sunshine today and it's going to be that way all this coming week. Doesn't make much difference though because it's still cold. It's terrible when you have those coughing fits. Always have water on hand I guess you know that oh and Halls as well. Speaking of sleeping tight last night I woke up at 10 after 2 and did not get to sleep so tonight I had better get some sleep! So you have a peaceful night I guess its 10:30 where you are right now cuz it's 7:30 here but I hope your day goes well tomorrow and that your night was restful. God bless you XX Linda

  • Pete had no side effects with his flu jab but having flu would be very serious indeed. Good luck Lindy-loo. Xxxx

  • Ahh what the heck! I will do it tomorrow! I just get jabbed yearly but due to this present health business it makes me nervousvjbj

  • 3 years ago I skipped the jab.Almost broke ribs with the amount of coughing I did.A full month before recovery.If you can I would suggest for you to go for it.I would not let my worst enemy go through that.

    Well maybe😂😃

  • Going to do it ☺

  • I've had my jab and I've not had any side effects at all.

  • But do u have colored sputum?

  • No I don't. I think I might be more worried about not being protected if I did, but I can understand your concern. Could you have a sample of the 'unclear' sputum tested, just to be sure?

  • I could but it taes 3 sometimes 4 days for the dr. To get results. I don't want to wait that long, today I look normal so I should seize this time to do it.

  • I am colonised with pseudomonas since 1986. My sputum is always coloured. All the more important to get the jab

  • That sounds terrible. I have decided to do it. Thanks for sharing that even though I don't know what that is but I hope you are doing as well as can be expected

  • I’m really well thanks. I just live with it, lead a normal life and treat it when it starts having a party.

  • I had my flu jab last week, and have it every year. I have Asthma and Emphysema. I would highly recommend you get it done. I have friends over in Australia and they have all said how bad they’ve had flu this year x

  • Saw it on the news too! The Aussies had it bad

  • Yeah they did, it’s always worth getting the jab every year, remember it might not stop us from getting flu it just helps to lessen the severity of it x

  • Yeah that is true. I do get it yearly but I have always been healthy when getting it

  • The flu that Australia had is NOT in our flu shot here in Canada 😣 lots of hand washing for me!

  • Got it an hour ago keep fingers crossed 😊

  • Please let me know how it went. Best-

  • So far so good I got it yesterday nothing has happened yet...

  • Only have the jab if the doctor clears you from infection. Im having a special jab for low immune system and under steroids for the first time! Hope it works 😃

  • Yikes! Let me know how kt goes.

  • just had my flu and shingles jab early this morning, 1 in each arm, no problems, as yet, although my arm is a bit sore from the shingles jab

  • Me too ☺( happy face I think... )

  • If you still have an infection, slight temperature or any other symptoms of exacerbation, my doctor wouldn't give you the flu jab. She won't give it to me for these reasons. So now I'm left in this twilight zone with no protection against the flu and trying to avoid crowds /people who may have colds or flu. It's frustrating for sure.

  • Keep those hands clean and shiny Billiejean stay away from crowds or wear a mask. I went and bought a cuff it looks like a tube that goes over your head and looks like a turtleneck but you can pull it up over your nose and mouth! Keeps cold air from hitting the lungs. I just got jabbed this morning😥 I hope it dodsn't adversly affect me

  • Fingers crossed for you Lindy.

  • Woot woot! Things are fine... woot!

  • my consultant told me told me that the flue jab will not help me if this years vacine is not the same strain as the one we might get this winter, so i am giving it a miss.

  • That is always the case. Flu vaccine usually covers 3 strains of flu. If you catch a different strain the vaccine will at best reduce the severity. The 3 strains are chosen based on what has been prevalent in Asia Pacific region previous winter. Problem in Oz is that a different strain has popped up and if it gets this far we won't be protected. Still have protection against the 3 vaccinated strains.

  • Oh no don't because ot helps with the severity of any type of flu besides what if it does cover and you get sick!

  • probably kill me, then I am 79! had bronchiectasis all my life, have been lucky with the health care I receive, the NHS look after me well.

  • All your life? And you are 79?! Bravo! Although, I am not sure I want to suffer another 11 years. But only God knows my days, doesn't He? Take good care x

  • Last year I missed having my Flu jab, that was the wrong thing to do because having COPD I ended up in hospital 3 times, so this year I decided not to forget to have mine. It is important if you suffer from a lung condition, but for our older generation it is also a good idea to talk to your GP if you feel fearful.

  • Lindy-loo Get it done now my lovely lady and stop jabbering,as mr melley from the deep south says you need all the protection possible and if you are getting the same strain as us in the UK most people on this site have had no problems at all.Obviously if you feel you are still infected it may be worth giving it another few days just to check the basics like you would on the onset of infection.on this side of the pond there has been no government indication that this years potential flu strain is worse than any previous years and they have weekly updates on the situation.Are you eligible for a free jab?also you will have to contend with accessing the provider given your mobility limitations..................love and best wishes skis and scruffy and hernie(one big happy family) xx

  • Well I cannot say I am happy for you that your family has grown... say hello to Hernie and give Scruffy a hug and a cuddle from me. I am going to get jabbed today if I can squeeze it in if not it is Sat. I don't want to delay it. Thanks for your humorous replies and of course your immense wisdom ☺

  • Ok ok I got it done! Now just have to wait and see. It was raining cats and dogs here yesterday so I ventured forth today and had it done.

    Are you proud of me? ☺

  • you are once again my super heroine,consider yourself hugged,excuse the pain in the jabbed arm.be prepared for alarming sniffles (probably obtained by way of contacts with humans as opposed to flue jab).well done Lindy-loo and how is the big BC fairing today? love and stuff skis and scruff x

  • Today is not a bad day in BC a little bit of drizzle here and there other than that it's pretty good. After I got my jab, came home on the bus and it was not raining then but I'm looking outside and it seems to be raining a little bit not much just a sprinkle here and there at least the plants outside on my deck are getting watered hahaha I'm sure they'll be watered very well by the time this is all over!

    How's hernie and Scruffy doing?

    I wish I was able to have an animal but they have a no animal rule in this place which sucks because we're all seniors and we all could use a little comfort here and there.

  • oh what a shame,can you not smuggle in a little creature that you can love.maybe a rabbit or rodent type thing or perhaps a beautiful bird who would sing for you,yet be un-caged and free.such are dreams made of.skis and wishful cat x

  • A Hedge hog! (couldn't resist). :)

  • I would love a hedge hog ☺

  • Look out for a Fedex truck in the morn. Her name is bubbles and she has a demanding appetite. :)

  • I did have a cat he was 17 when I had to put him down. It was the most difficult decision that I have ever had to make. I cried pretty solid for a month and I miss him terribly. He was such a beautiful boy and such great company. I wish I could have another cat but all of a sudden we were told that there would be a no animal rule and the animals that we did have would be grand fathered in. I wish I had the forsight to get another kitty that looked similar to my Romie. 😢

  • I thought about a budgie but he obviously would have to be caged for a sleep, right?

  • right i have solved your problem and have ordered you a Gecko which can be unfettered and cage free,happy to climb your walls all day and rid your apartment of pesky insects and keep you company at night.you will have to name it Gecky in honour of Scruffy who just thinks of it as a small snack between meals...............love mad skis and daft scruffy x

    p,s hope your jab arm is not aching too much

  • No my arm is fantastic my lungs are still okay so I'm happy camper this morning.! A gecko, when I was in Japan there were geckos keeping me company in the little place that I was staying in. They just don't have a lot of personality. I need something more something with a little bit more personality! Keep on working on a solution for me. Tell Scruff I will send her a few geckos if I ever go back to Japan. By the way where did you get Scruffy and how old is she?

  • By the way I'm leaning towards budgie but I'm kind of hearing that they're not good for lung conditions and that they make a lot of mess I know that they do! But sometimes I think, okay well my lungs are messed up anyway so why not? They do generate a lot of little itty bitty feathers and Dusty stuff. The only problem is scruffy can't come and visit if I get a budgie.

  • Scruffy just appeared at our patio door a couple of years ago,she was very disheveled with matted fur and quite thin so i managed over the course of a week to tidy her up and got her de flead,wormed and she now lives the life of luxury our feline furry friends love.i think she is probably about 6/7 years old ?She was good company for Cecilia as well x

  • Oh she sounds so adorable. She's so lucky to have found you. She is very lucky indeed.

  • Scruffy can visit as she is too slow to catch your caged chum,if you get birds you must get a pair so they are company for each other.i love birds but somehow the idea of them being in a cage with limited flight reminds me of our own limitations it must be even more frustrating for you at times Lindy.x

  • Kid gets frustrating on a daily basis but it is what it is right? We all have our cross to bear are thorn in the side as it were. Things like this come around to make us stronger human beings and to be an encouragement to each other. And yeah you are an encourager! You've made me laugh and you've encouraged me and I really appreciate that. As for birdies I hear you there caged birdies no... It just seems so cruel doesn't it? Maybe just to put them in bed at night. My Georgie who was a budgie with amazing personality. Well George it got lonely so I put a plastic bird in there to keep him company. Georgy did everything in his power to mate with the bird. It was so comical to watch I felt a bit perverse actually. My kids were teenagers and they would always Howell winner Georgie would have his way with his plastic mate. Too funny

  • you are one mischievous puppy and i would love to talk more with you tonight but while you are having high tea it is 00.30hrs bst in dark and cold Manchester and i must away to bed.Hasta manana my dear friend .......skis and sleeping cat

  • snicker snicker... How am I mischievous? I believe you have my number!

  • Brilliant feline. Couldn't have picked a better human.

  • I had flu and pnew jabs two weeks ago, first time ever, one in each arm. Felt a bit rough for a day or so and aching arm for 3 days where I had the flu jab but then fine. I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis in June 2015. I have a Ventolin reliever inhaler which I use roughly twice a day. I was a little circumspect about these jabs but I'm pleased that I had them done. The nurse who did them said that the pnew one was a one off. There are some very brave people on this forum as struggling for breath is scaring. Exercise and diet are so important; All the Best

  • Thank you Freddy, I too have bronchiectastis but was told it was COPD but it is not. So it's been since 1995 that I was officialy diagnosed but this year has been a tough year. I live in Vancouver and there was wild fires all summer and much of the smoke drifted up here. My lungs then took a dive! 😶

  • well like me you are on saline nebs and are keeping your gunge clear, as regards the doom and gloom merchants saying we are in for a nasty flu season I take things as they come as will the medics, they claim we are likely to be hit by a post world war one Spanish flu that killed millions, unlike then we now have vaccinations for vulnerable people and of course an armoury of antibiotics in those dim dark days a century or so ago all the had was the humble aspirin, OK this managed to act as an antipyretic to keep the temperature down I do believe they were running out of these towards the end.

  • I know... it's a crap shoot!

  • Hi, I’m worried about the flu jab too I’m booked in for tomorrow x

  • Well I had my shot last week and I'm fine. There have been no adverse side effects at all. I think my case of nerves was for nothing! So go happily forth and get jabbed ☺

  • Good morning everyone I’ve had the flu jab 3 weekends ago I still have pain in the injection area from it my Father has just had his too and he’s already feeling like he’s got the sniffles whilst I haven’t had anything other than localised pain on the injection site.

  • Tiny bit of injection site pain... that's it☺

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