holiday finally sorted


hope you are all as well as possible,as stated above i am just about done and dusted and after all the stress of the past couple of months i am just about done ,just ordered a portable nebuliser after constantly looking around and have decided on a Philips InnoSpire Go and will be hiring a eclipse oxygen concentrater from healthy oxygen ,was a bit shocked at the price Β£390.00 boy its a real expensive holiday ,just hope i stay well and enjoy it ,got a bag full of meds for daily use and emergency ,so roll on July 7th ,

wish you all easy breathing


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I have been wondering if I would benefit from a nebuliser. I have seen them on sale in Lloyds. How bad do I have to be?? Have a good break. XX

Chat to your GP pergola and see if a nebuliser might help you. Do let us know if you get one. Xxxx

hi pergola

i think its best to talk to your doc ,i am new to using one and i have very servere

copd.jeanmol x

No point in getting a nebuliser unless you are certain your gp will prescribe meds for it.

I do have a nebuliser and it was gp that recommended it to me. Mainly so I can avoid lots of trips to A&E. For me it means that I feel more in control of my situation.

However some GPs do refuse to prescribe meds for it.

Speak to your gp

Thanks all. Recently, paramedics came in answer to breathing problems, and used a neb which I found good. xx are so right ... After a really bad infection some years ago

I bought a nebuliser's been in the box ever since ... Our.GP don't like patients to have their own .....but I shall keep it , you never know Gp's can change and the next one approve. 😏.


It seems lots of people use them daily and they are a real help, why would doctors not want people to have them?

Hi .. would imagine it could be to do with keeping it clean and getting right the dosage ........ They all have their own likes & dislikes. We are only the patient.


Some gps concerned that patients won't ask for help in an emergency because using nebuliser and therefore could be dangerous.

Like I said in my case having nebuliser gives me more control of situation.

Thank you

Have a wonderful time. Xxx

hi sassy ,thank you ,at least should get some sun ha ha .jeanmol x

Hope you have a lovely holiday Jean, you deserve it after all your preparation. Lilian xxxxxx

hi Lilian,thank you ,hope it was all worth while cos i wont be able to afford it again.jeanmol x

I am pleased to hear you got it all sorted out. :)

Thank you .hard work trying to sort it all out on your own .happy to meet the folks on here and take their advise .jeanmol X

Hello jeanmol .

I am so excited for you. Have a lovely time. xx 🌞🌺🌻🌸🌹🌼🌞

Thank you so much Caspaina will do my very best .jeanmol x

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! I know the planning can be stressful. We recently had to fly for the first time since my husband has been on oxygen and it was SO stressful getting everything arranged. But everything went off without a problem and we had a wonderful time getting away. Have fun!

Hope you have a wonderful, well-designed holiday x

Should have said "well-deserved" not well-designed LOL x

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