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Wife has just had last physio session before we hitch up the caravan. All being well she will be OK for about 2 weeks. With holidays in mind thought that photos from past excursions might be of interest. Today`s is from our favourite capital city, Lisbon. So many UK visitors head to France and Spain but Portugal really is a super place to visit. This is possibly the most photographed monument in Lisbon.

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That's some incredible architecture. Thank you for sharing your travels.

Great photo. Wishing you and your wife continuing happy travels xxx

Hi LissacFrance.I have had extensive bronchiectasis since diagnosed at 3. Just turned 72. Lived and travelled all over the world. The last one a 3 week driving trip of the Rockies and Alaska in 2019. Had 2 children and run a business. Been living on my own for 30 yrs and deal with my condition myself.

Now that your wife is finally getting appropriate treatment, it is the time to make the most of having great holidays together. So throw the anxiety out of the window. The most important thing is that she empties her lungs every day to rob the bugs of the warm wet environment that they love to party in and take her rescue antibiotics with just in case an exacerbation does kick off.

I have always done my physio myself and it is so nice for your wife that she has you to make it less of a personal chore.

We live with this condition. We do not suffer from it and we are not dying of it.

Go have a wonderful time and bring us lots of

Well done you two! I've never seen a picture of this building before. It looks Moorish. Do you know what it's a monument to, where exactly it is in Portugal or what it's called so I can look it up please?

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Hi, it`s the Tour Belem, the most famous landmark in Lisbon. Down on the water`s edge, i.e. River Tagus

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Thank you, a very interesting history lesson from Wiki !

i agree about lisbon but only managed short time there . sampled their custard tarts at the traditional cafe and tried to get to this tower only to find a canal in the way ! Sainsburys and lidl now sell these tarts but they are nothing like the real thing !

The real name for the custard tards is pasteis de Belem, as the original bakery is close by.

Great Photo I have a photo of that building too 😀. I loved Lisbon it has a bit of everything you need for a Holiday. Have a good holiday & look forward to more pics 🙂

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That's beautiful thank you for sharing have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻


Lisbon is one of my favourite cities too, so much variety.

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