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Cant get holiday insurance

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hi folks .i have a holiday booked that I cant cancel.i had holiday insurance but because I informed them I have an oxygen converter now they have cancelled my insurance.every time I go through the tedious questions with other companies they refuse to insure me .I have stage 4 emphysema and am allowed on the plane and have special access arranged but cant get cover.does anyone know a company that would and without charging 3 times the holidays cost .seems cruel we are punished for being unwell . appreciate some advice.

21 Replies
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Have you tried AllClear Travel Insurance? They are supposed to help with existing medical conditions including emphysema. It’s terrible the way you’ve been treated though. Hope you get it sorted out. Xxxx

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Horseshoe28 in reply to sassy59

tried them thanks.same answer.they all have identical questions and every time they knock me back.

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sassy59 in reply to Horseshoe28

Hope you find something soon. Xxx

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sassy has already come forth with the same suggestion as me. Unfortunately, I have heard many say that insurance can cost more than your actual holiday when you have certain medical conditions. It's really not fair but to refuse to insure you is rotten. Hope you can sort it.

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Stasure or staysure?

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No suggestions sorry but I really hope that you get something sorted out. Life is hard enough without this hassle. Best wishes.

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Try an insurance broker.

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Ergendl in reply to Cruise1

Yes, they will try very hard for you, Cruise1 , and will know all the insurance companies offering the type of cover you will need.

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jabber in reply to Cruise1

I was also going to suggest using a broker. I've used BIBA in the past - - and they were very helpful. You'll still have to go through all the questions, but as Ergendl says, they'll know the companies who can help you.

Good luck!

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staysure or saga

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When I use to travel abroad I insured with Staysure who would cover me for everything except my COPD. I always felt that if I had a flare up I would have my emergency pack with me so I felt safe. I am also using oxygen 24/7. It is unfair that because we are ill they want to charge more than the holiday cost for Insurance.

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oh know!! I hope you find something soon 🤗🤗

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Have you tried Insure and Go. Its terrible that insurance is so expensive. I do hope that you find something rather than cancel your holiday. Please let us know how you get on x

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I'm sure in fairly recent posts there have been member who were talking about holidays they had been on or had planned, Perhaps a scroll back might bring up some suggestions.

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Try Travel Insurance 4 medical 0345 81 20 040 hope you get it sorted.

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We have just used for our trip away in January. Both my husband and I have health issues. This site was recommended by someone on HealthUnlocked so maybe worth a try? Hope you get sorted.

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Loopylorre in reply to PAP48

I’ve just tried them & they were very expensive, I’m going to visit family in Germany for Christmas for 9 days, & they wanted £600

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PAP48 in reply to Loopylorre

Goodness! We’re going to Cyprus for 14 days in January and it was much cheaper than that! No idea where else to suggest!

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Loopylorre in reply to PAP48

thanks, it’s been a nightmare trying to find one , but I’m sure I will eventually 😊

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Patk1 in reply to Loopylorre

I hope yr able to find a suitable cover for yr hols.x

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Try I'm on oxygen and have a terminal diagnosis but they'll still insure me. Im on oxygen 24/7 unable to fly.

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