Pain relief

Evening well another eventful day got the car fixed so bank balance a bit lighter got my book from Amazon self help for your nerves thanks pam 1952 when I opened it there was kitchen roll between pages wierd been having a real bad time with pain so Frank phoned doctors and she has given me tramadol to go along side the oramorph instead of coedine please let it work also he got me some evening primrose oil which Ennyl NSAIDs may be worth a try for my sweats I have to hope she me thing works

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I hope you have a restful night Margaret

Take Care thinking of you

Dorothy xx

Thank you Dorothy it would be lovely I hoping for some relief Margaret xx

Hope the book and Tramadol help. Take care and have a better night. Xxxxxxx

Thank you sassy everything crossed xxxxMargaret

Good luck with the medication. Hope you have a more peaceful night. XXX

Thank you pam I am hoping so I have had tablet and oramorph no respite yet but early days she says xxx

Hope the book and the new medication helps you to get some rest xx💐

I am hoping so because otherwise I am totally at a loss of where I go from here xx

Fingers crossed that you can grab a few hours sleep once your pain isn't so severe. (I won't mention the sweats,as I've had a horrid day myself). I'm trying a "sleep tape" tonight to see if it helps me get to sleep ,rather than reading. Worth a try!

Hope the sleep tape helps sorry you have also had a bad day have you used tape before and did it help I'm interested I going to have a look at my he self help book of Amazon need to calm down have to go to hospice tomorrow and it is stressing me x

No a friend told me to look on U Tube and there's so much to choose from,it's a case of working your way through them all. Reading always calms me down and it used to help me nodd off but un fortunately, it doesn't do that any more. I'll be interested what you think of your book once you've got into it. Well sleep tape time has arrived,if only I wasn't boiling hot.....although that will turn to feeling cold in a while. Duvet on,duvet off etc!

Hope you have a decent night.

Goodnight yep hot and cold here to I got some evening primrose oil but frank got it from morrisons so don't hold out much hope not worked so far hope you nod of 😷

Just thought I would mention it at the hospice the therapist told me to take a paracetamol at bedtime to help with sweats i told her I already do doesn't work for me but may for you she is getting me a appointment to have accupuncture. She reckons that it helps a lot of people who have hot and cold episodes she also said that they may be caused by Meds but i got them before new Meds the only difference was oxygen so fingers crossed hope your sleep tape helped you last night

Thanks for your post but last night I was trying one sleep tape after another with nothing feeling relaxed or tired etc. So ended up listening to my radio talk show and reading for about hour and a half. Your acupuncture sounds very interesting indeed. Something out there has to help these horrid sweats. Hope today,Friday was a better day,stress wise,and that you may feel a bit better.

I'm afraid i made a bit of a scene when it came to leaving home today poor Frank what he has to put up with ii did speak to abladynat the hospice who said her friend had had accupuncture for the same thing and it helped so keeping fingers crossed that I get it and it works sorry you couldn't settle last night I was the same the sweats where horrendous again and the tramadol and oramorph spaced me out that much that it was to much effort to move the duvet

Hope it all works, best wishes x

Thank you would be so lovely if it does x

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