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A Proper Pain in the

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A few weeks back I noticed a small bump in a very hard to see place! I decided as it was very painful to touch too! And it was a weekend I thought this would go away but it didn't it got worse so I rang up the GP’s and of course this meant I had to have a telephone appointment first? I said that's fine I'm seeing the diabetic nurse on Tuesday can you make sure it doesn't do it at the same time? It was agreed that maybe it be a good idea for the nurse to have a look at it while I'm there? When the day came diabetic nurse is quite happy to have a look at my bump which I cannot see and it has got considerably worse considerably larger from a marble to a golf ball! She mentioned “I see you got a telephone appointment with your doctor “maybe it's a good idea while you are here that he has a look because this isn't right and GP decided that he would see me in the nurse's room and had a look and stated “It is big isn't it” cancelling the telephone appointment, at this time I was feeling pretty rough my diabetes clinic went very well it was just this lump that I couldn't see but boy did it hurt! Soon as I left the nurses room the doctor called me through and gave me some antibiotics these should work fine the week reduced it down and it decided to burst and boy did it go but it hasn't gone away completely he was back to its size it was before I went to the doctor's so they suggested I continue on with another course of antibiotics for another week this has done the job, little bit tender but that's something they said would happen it will just go away and its own course? It was not a pleasant place to have a cyst in a place you can't, see?

Be Well

37 Replies
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That all sounds very unpleasant, and painful. I’m glad the antibiotics sorted it!

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Offcut in reply to helenlw7

Not something I would like to repeat. The Wife even said she has not seen me look so bad for a long time.

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helenlw7 in reply to Offcut

That’s definitely not good! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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Ouch! That sounds really nasty. I’m so pleased the antibiotics have worked for you and hope that cyst never returns. Take care Offcut. Xxxx👍

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Offcut in reply to sassy59

Me too! It was not pleasant but when it burst the relief was something else. Short lived but then on got better.

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My niece suffer terrible with this problem, and I know how painful it is for her hope you feel better soon have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Offcut in reply to Damon1864

Thank you. I hope I never get another that's for sure.

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hypercat54 in reply to Offcut

Oh very painful Offcut. It sounds more like an abscess to me which can be extremely painful. I have had a few in the past and ab's normally sort it out. It's such a relief when they burst isn't it.

I had one though so bad it went from nothing to giant in 3 days and I ended up in hospital having to have it incised! Nothing like that since thankfully.

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Ooo, that sounds a bit hurty! 😕

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Offcut in reply to madonbrew

Very hurty ;)

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I can very definitely empathise, cysts and abscesses, where I cannot see, and hospital incisions. I have various creams and potions, which I apply to where I cannot see. Unless, of course, I get a mirror on a stick, which tilts, the question is, do I actually want to see?

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Offcut in reply to SORRELHIPPO

I tried mirrors and my mobile phone even the trying to get in a position with my creaking joints was not an easy task to say the least.

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SORRELHIPPO in reply to Offcut

Our ageing probs are "sent to try us" I have arguments with him up there on frequent occasions.

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hypercat54 in reply to SORRELHIPPO

I have HS - hidradunitis Suppouritiva which caused boils and abscesses. It is rarely diagnosed and all doctors do is give out creams and ab's. I wasn't diagnosed for several years until a friend of mine who has it said she thought mine was too. I then asked the dr for a referral to a dermatologist who took one look and confirmed it too.

There are other treatments which can help which a derma knows about and can prescribe. If yours sounds like mine then it would be a good idea to do the same.

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SORRELHIPPO in reply to hypercat54

Thanks, useful to know. Most of mine are linked to the Crohn's damage, leakage from damaged bowel walls (nasty really).

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hypercat54 in reply to SORRELHIPPO

Yuck!!! I didn't know Crohns could do that. How awful for you.

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SORRELHIPPO in reply to hypercat54

Just one of nature's little marvels.

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Ouch! What a good thing the GP saw you when they did. I hope it soon heals up and you have no further problems. xx Moy

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Thank goodness for antibiotics!

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Offcut in reply to Fircone

Yes, for sure. They will not give me a rescue pack because I may need them for other times when they are the only option

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I had one in the same place when I was a child. It was large and I couldn’t sit down because it was so painful. In those days visits to doctors were rare…well it was for us living in a small village and my parents believed in home remedies because they’d been brought up this way.

My mother put hot bread poultices on this ‘boil’, as she called it. It popped and she squeezed the last of its contents out. That did the job and no need for antibiotics.

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Offcut in reply to Tempo57

Those were the days. My mum used to give me a raw egg with a small tot of whisky in the cold winter mornings to get me though the day? Maybe that is why I like whisky even now ;)

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Tempo57 in reply to Offcut

I’ve not heard of that one but your mother was smart! I carried a hip flask during Covid and when I exited a shop, I always had a tot of whisky. My thinking was that it would keep the virus away…😍😜

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Hope you are recovering nicely from your painful cyst experience Offcut and keeping as well as can be otherwise. Best wishes to you .

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Oh dear. Sounds painful x

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Glad you’re all sorted now , sounds like a horrible experience 😣

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Offcut in reply to Thepainterswife

Do not want to repeat it that's for sure

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Ouch! bet your glad that has gone Offcut, at least the antibiotics cleared it up quickly, thank goodness you saw the doctor quickly x

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Oh my goodness that’s not good. Hurrah for antibiotics 😊

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Offcut in reply to Stratos20

I am sure I would not be here without them to many close shaves?

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That’s great you got it looked after. Not really the kind of thing that is diagnosed over a phone appointment. I have no doubt it was sore if it was located where the sun doesn’t shine.

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Offcut in reply to jackdup

So Right ;)

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