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Bronchiectasis and joint pain

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Hi everyone, just wondered if many of you suffered with joint pain that coincides with an exacerbation. I seem to get pain in my ankles fingers along with extreme fatigue. I was tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis before I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis because my inflammation levels, were high but was ruled out. I was then diagnosed with bronchiectasis and ever since then presumed it was due to this.

13 Replies
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Hi Heaven20 I can't help you with your question, but I'm sure someone will be along soon that may be able to help you have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Hello. I don’t know what tests you had done but the most defined ones rheumatoid arthritis are the RA factor and Anti-ccp. My bronchiectasis was cashed by Rheumatoid arthritis. How that helps

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I have rheumatoid arthritis and bronchiectasis and find when I have an exacerbation my rheumatoid flares, with that comes the dreaded fatigue, although I am having that more and more, my iron gets low as well at times so take Feroglobin once a week when bad. I would query your inflammation markers, my rheumatoid went undetected for a few years. Hopefully your gp has given you steroids along with antibiotics which should ease the joint pain. You can only rest up when feeling like this, hope you feel better soon x

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I have Bronchiectasis and have had three flare ups of joint pain, but it has come and then gone away again for a long time! The first time, it just affected my right hand.

We were staying with our daughter about 7 years ago when my right hand got so painful that I struggled to wash and dress myself and had to get my husband to cut my food up for me as could only use a fork in my left hand. When we got home, my GP ordered a wrist splint for me to wear at night and said to take paracetamol during the day. Eventually the pain went but left me with some weakness in my hand. I couldn't safely hold my new grandson as, when he wriggled, I had no strength in my hand to keep him secure. Eventually the strength returned, but not completely.

Fast forward to the year before last. This time, both hands were affected in the same way at the same time of year (roughly) so, in the midst of the COVID lock down, I bought another splint from Amazon and repeated the treatment as before on both hands. After a few weeks, the pain went and there was no increased weakness.

So last year the same thing happened! Springtime came and again my hands both got bad - and then so did my right leg and my left hip! I was really struggling to make a hot drink as couldn't lift the kettle and was considering buying a small, light one. Meanwhile, made drinks in the cup using the microwave, but found it difficult to lift the cup out and also to press the buttons to make it work.

Getting up and down from a chair or loo was very difficult and the memory of that time has prompted us to order riser recliner chairs in case such a thing happens again to either my husband or me in the future.

But, once again, after a few weeks, the pain and weakness subsided and I started to feel normal again.

However, a blood test in preparation for a pre-diabetes appointment showed up that I was very anaemic and treatment for that followed. Could this have had anything to do with it?

As you can imagine, I'm pleased to see the signs of spring this year, but am also a bit aprehensive and am wondering if I will get a repeat of the hand and joint problems.

I hadn't considered that there could be a connection with the Bronchiectasis but now that you have mentioned it, I believe that I was having an exaccerbation each time it happened.

If it happens again, I will certainly contact my GP about it and see if there is a test they can do to check for any connection.

I'll be following your post with interest to see if others have been similarly affected.

I'm sorry to hear that your pain is ongoing and hope you are able to get some treatment for it.

xx Moy

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Heaven20 in reply to MoyB

What you describe sounds so much worse than what I am feeling right now.I'm also thinking it may have something to do with my new blood pressure medication as I noticed last night that my feet looked a little swollen. I will mention it at my cardio appt.

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MoyB in reply to Heaven20

Well, medications can cause some funny reactions so perhaps that'll be the answer.

I'm having problems with fluid retention too and have been prescribed Furosemide. Mine are thought to be due to my atrial fibrillation.

Hope you get some answers soo. Keep us posted, won't you?

Xx Moy

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Heaven20 in reply to MoyB

Hi, yes I will ask at my next appt and see what they say, maybe it is a bit of retention...

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Hi thereI have noticed these parallels, and have always put it down to an increase in inflammation in the body generally. I double down on the turmeric. I think certain viruses create chest problems and all sorts of other problems over the body, including increasing joint and lower back pain. Then when the inflammation comes down, all symptoms begin to improve a bit.

Just my own theory - one would need to do do blood tests for inflammation markers to prove this.

Best wishes


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Heaven20 in reply to Hellodolly

I think your right, prior to my bronchiectasis diagnosis my blood tests showed a high inflammatory marker, which I now put down to the inflammation in the airways.

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Hello Heaven, 👋😊

I was diagnosed with RA about fifteen years or so ago, maybe more now. 🤔 It took six months for them to finally reach a diagnosis because for the first few months nothing showed up in my blood work. It was like being in limbo. They thought I was nuts, until my joints became hot and swollen and I ran a fever on a daily basis. What I'm trying to get at is it may or may not be RA but just because they couldn't find the cause of your pain it does not mean it is non existent, and it is not permissible for them to stop investigating it.

Do let us know how things go. Best wishes to you.

Cas xx 🌿🍀🌿

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Hi heaven20. I have asthma, bronchiectasis and ulcerative colitis and from time to time suffer with my joints being really hot and painful. Usually my wrists though my left knee swells up too. Then I can have a long spell where’s there’s no joint problems. X

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Heaven20 in reply to watergazer

Yes mine comes and goes too, I'm going to go for a long walk today as the sun is shining and hopefully loosen up the joints 🌟😊

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It's suffocating when you get that bad isn't it ... Its obviously not good advice to encourage you to eat sweets but I get through my struggles with mint imperials or butter mint sweets like Mintoes and good old Buttercup syrup which can be bought from Am***n online shopping.. I've had Bronchiectasis for 60 years, I have asthma and also IBS (which causes bloating, this also makes it hard for me to breathe) .. besides a few other issues ... I do hope you find some comfort somewhere

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